Compiled by Geoffrey C. Hazard Jr. Distinguished Professor of Law & Associate Dean for Research Scott Dodson.


George Bisharat, “Law Against the People,” 42 AntroPolitica 296 (2018).
Veena Dubal (with coauthors), “Disrupting Regulation, Regulating Disruption: The Politics of Uber in the US,” 16 Perspectives on Politics 919 (2018).
Robin Feldman (with Mark Lemley), “Is Patent Enforcement Efficient,” in Research Handbook of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (Jacob Rooksby ed. 2018) (previously published in B.U. L. Rev.).
Manoj Viswanathan, “Tax Compliance and the Sharing Economy,” in The Cambridge Handbook of the Law of the Sharing Economy (Cambridge 2018).

Significant Blogs, Op-Eds, and Online Essays

Scott Dodson posted a review of Rick Marcus’s forthcoming book chapter on the UC Law SF Scholarship Blog on Nov. 12.
Veena Dubal posted a review of Zach Price’s symposium contribution “Our Imperiled First Amendment” on the UC Law SF Scholarship Blog on Nov. 14.
Robin Feldman published a perspective titled “Why Prescription Drug Prices Have Skyrocketed” in the Washington Post on Nov. 26.
Chimene Keitner wrote an invited response post titled “Domestic & International Challenges to the Rule of Law” on Opinio Juris on Nov. 19.
Zach Price posted an essay titled “Finding a Floor for Inter-Branch Conflict” on Take Care Blog on Nov. 2.
Zach Price posted a review of Veena Dubal & Dorit Reiss’s paper “Influenza Mandates and Religious Accommodations” on the UC Law SF Scholarship Blog on Nov. 12.
Frank Wu posted “Birthright Citizenship is Under Attack…Again” on Diverse Education on Nov. 1.


Scott Dodson submitted invited comments to the U.S. Judicial Conference regarding possible legislation amending the removal statute.
Jennifer Dunn has been appointed as Assistant Professor at UCSF (WOS).
Karen Musalo served as an expert witness on U.S. refugee issues in federal Canadian court proceedings on Nov. 30.
Dave Owen’s amicus brief was quoted and relied on in S.F. Baykeeper v. State Lands Comm’n, 2018 WL 6181285, slip. op. at 17 (Cal. App. [1st Dist.] 2018)
Joel Paul’s book Without Precedent was favorably reviewed in the New York Review of Books by Jed Rakoff on Nov. 22.


George Bisharat delivered a talk at the Federal University in Fluminense, Brazil, on Nov. 25.
–Bisharat delivered a keynote titled “Remembering the Future in Israel/Palestine” at the Federal University in Fluminense, Brazil, on Nov. 28.
Richard Boswell gave a talk titled “Immigrants in the Crosshairs” at the Contra Costa County Bar Association MCLE Spectacular on Nov. 16.
Scott Dodson moderated a conversation with Jane Sherron De Hart on Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Mechanics’ Institute on Nov. 28.
Veena Dubal co-hosted a documentary sponsored by the California Attorney General’s Office called “When Rules Don’t Apply.”
Robin Feldman chaired a panel at the National Judicial College on the impact of artificial intelligence on the legal system.
–Feldman spoke at a Federal Trade Commission conference on AI and emerging market issues.
Chimene Keitner moderated a panel on cyberattacks at the World Affairs Auditorium on Nov. 1.
–Keitner was commentator/discussant for a panel on “Cyberspace” at the American Society of International Law Research Forum on Nov. 10.
Jeff Lefstin spoke at the 10th annual Georgetown-Berkeley patent conference, The Role of the Courts in Patent Law & Policy on Nov. 16.
Rory Little appeared on Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj on Nov. 4.
Karen Musalo participated in a roundtable on Practice and Ethics of Anthropologists in Expert Witness Testimony on Nov. 16 at the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association.
Dave Owen was a panelist at the Association of California Water Agencies annual CLE conference in San Diego on Nov. 26.
Dorit Reiss spoke on a panel on “Democratizing Information” at LexLab on Nov. 1.
Naomi Roht-Arriaza organized & moderated an event at UC Law SF with members of the International Criminal Court’s Trust Fund for Victims on Nov. 5.
–Roht-Arriaza participated in an expert workshop on Human Rights, Atrocity Crimes and Corruption in Washington, DC on Nov. 30.
Reuel Schiller ran the day-long Wallace Johnson Program for First Book Authors held at Rice University on Nov. 7.
–Schiller was the commentator for a panel on administrative control in legal & political history at the American Society for Legal History’s annual meeting on Nov. 19.
Joan Williams spoke at the ABA Labor and Employment Law Section Conference in San Francisco on Nov. 9.
Frank Wu gave a lecture on the topic of “Diversity Matters” at UC Berkeley on Nov. 1.
–Wu gave a public lecture on Wong Kim Ark at Peking School of Transnational Law on Nov. 28.
—Wu spoke on Chinese Americans in US-China Relations at Hong Kong University on Nov. 29.

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