Recent UC Law SF graduates Ayana Faison, Sarah Doan-Minh, Claudia Cesena and Elsa-Marie Medeiros recently received the Legal Services for Children (LSC) Certificate in Child Advocacy.

The four were honored at an event on May 9th by LSC Executive Director Abigail Trillin, who is also an adjunct professor at UC Law SF, and Kenneth Kuchman, a representative of the Witkin Charitable Foundation.

The Child Advocacy Certificate program is intended to increase the number of qualified and committed child advocates serving Bay Area organizations. As 3Ls, the students completed the Lawyering for Children and other Vulnerable Populations Practicum with LSC, a client-based experiential course.
In order to receive a Certificate in Child Advocacy, students must complete an internship with LSC, fulfill two other internships in the child advocacy arena as well as take course work in either juvenile or family law.

Participants in the Certificate in Child Advocacy receive emotional guidance and resources, a valuable credential upon completion and a stipend of $1000 to help offset the burden of out of pockets costs, like bar examination and bar prep course fees.

The certificate program is made possible by the generous contributions of the Bernard E. & Alba Witkin Charitable Foundation and the Elizabeth Butler Steyer Fund.