CNDR’s Deputy Director Mattie Robertson Teaching Leadership Lab Online

CNDR’s Deputy Director Mattie Robertson Teaching Leadership Lab Online

The first ever Leadership Lab Certificate was held this summer by the Center for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution (CNDR) from June 23 – July 28, 2020. Free to current UC Law SF students during this challenging summer, this six-week series provided interactive learning in a virtual environment focused on practical skills-building topics in the dispute resolution field.

With an unexpectedly large turnout, over 50 students completed the certificate, led by CNDR’s Deputy Director and Hastings Alum Mattie Robertson. Using a combination of lecture, large group discussion, and small group exercises, the Certificate explored topics on Language Choice and Building Trust, Personalities and Conflict Styles, Anger and De-Escalation, Negotiation Skills, Managing Emotions and Bias, and Power Imbalances. Overall, we learned there are ways to make virtual learning engaging and fun!

CNDR staff assisted with teaching, along with other Hastings staff and faculty guests who helped provide the students with a diverse range of experienced professionals to learn from. A great thanks to all who were involved! Our partners in Leadership Lab:

  • Professor Sheila Purcell, Director of CNDR
  • Hind AlJarboa, CNDR Sr. Programs Coordinator
  • Clint Waasted, Director, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Team, CNDR
  • Professor Joan Williams, Director of Center for Worklife Law
  • Gabriel Bellman, Director of Graduate Advising, Career Development Office
  • Lauren Lofton, Associate Director for Student Life & Inclusion, Student Services

What students are saying about Leadership Lab:

“I thought the course was very enjoyable and thought-provoking, and something I would recommend other law students to take even if negotiation and dispute resolution isn’t something they are planning on specializing in. I enjoyed that this course provided diverse perspectives from different speakers each week and that it allowed us to explore our own emotions, thought processes, and personalities.” – Mahnoor Yunus ’22

“The break out groups was a great reinforcement and made the material more accessible – I will remember some of the topics since I got to play them out and interact with others utilizing the skills. I loved how supportive and invested everyone from the CNDR were. It made me more invested in the course and material.” – Brittany Stahl ’21

“I am very grateful for the Center to design such thoughtful and creative program, providing us a taste of the negotiation program.” – Anonymous ’22