The UC Law SF Center for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution (CNDR) is proud to announce the 2020-21 school year results for the Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Team (The ADR Team)!

The Team has consistently been ranked # 1 both nationally and internationally for two decades.

This year, our Negotiation and Dispute Resolution Team continues its 20-year run of dominant performances, taking dozens of Top 5 finishes both nationally and internationally. So far, every competing team has finished in the Top 5 at their respective competitions at minimum, winning 5 of them and placing in the Top 3 on eight occasions.  

  • 1st Place at the ABA Negotiation Competition 2020
  • 1st Place in the ABA Mediation Competition
  • 1st Place at the UCLA Transactional Law Meet in 2020
  • 1st place in the ABA Mediation Competition in 2021
  • 2nd Place in the International Chamber of Commerce Mediation Competition, and ABA Negotiation Competition in 2021

Full Results

Three teams of two 1Ls each competed at this year’s American Bar Association (ABA) Representation in Mediation Competition:

  • 1st Place – Kamya Arora (1L) and Julia Thomas (1L)
  • 3rd Place – Maddie Giles (1L) and Melinda Giani (1L) (They missed 2nd Place, and a Hastings v. Hastings final, by 1 point!)
  • 5th Place – Lois Winn (1L) and Zach Leonard (1L) (They missed 4th Place by 2 points!)

American Bar Association Negotiation Competition:

  • 2nd Place – Lauren Warwick (3L) and Emily Mayer (3L)

International Chamber of Commerce Mediation Competition – Bucerius School of Law, Germany:

  • 2nd Place – Sarah Mojarro (3L), Alex Crutchfield (3L), and Katie Kronick (3L)

National Sports Law Negotiation Competition:

  • 5th Place – Katie Scull (2L) and William Bandettini (2L)
  • 10th Place – Kelly Sagaser (2L) and Fred Feyzi (3L)

Congrats to all our ADR Team students on their hard work!