Faculty Achievements: March 2021


David I. Levine, Civil Procedure in California: State and Federal, 2021 Edition (West Academic).

Works Accepted

Jonathan Abel, “Criminal Justice Contact Tracing,” Cornell Law Review (forthcoming 2021).

Binyamin Blum, “Canine Zionism,” in The Life and Legacy of Rudolphina Menzel (forthcoming, Brandeis University Press).

Scott Dodson, “Personal Jurisdiction, Comparativism, and Ford,” Stetson Law Review (symposium) (forthcoming 2021).

Scott Dodson, “Postpandemic Videoconferencing’s Effect on Procedural Law,” Southwestern University Law Review (symposium) (forthcoming 2021).

Scott Dodson, “Texas v. Pennsylvania and the Political-Question Doctrine,” University of Illinois Law Review Online (forthcoming 2021).

Scott Dodson, “In-State Invocation of Diversity Jurisdiction: Theories,” Academia Letters (forthcoming 2021) (peer reviewed).

David Faigman, “Differential Etiology: Inferring Specific Causation in the Law from Group Data in Science,” Arizona Law Review (forthcoming 2022) (with Joseph Sanders and Peter Imrey).

Robin Feldman, “Atomistic Antitrust,” William and Mary Law Review (forthcoming 2021) (with Mark Lemley).

Chimène Keitner, “Sovereignty, Humanity, and Justice: Reflections on the U.S. Law of Foreign Sovereign Immunity,” in The International Law of Sovereign Immunity Under Pressure: Norms, Values and Interests (forthcoming 2021).

Chimène Keitner, “Foreign Official Immunity: A Procedural Compass,” Fordham Law Review (co-authored with Bill Dodge).

Karen Musalo, “El Salvador: Root Causes and Just Asylum Policy Responses,” Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal (forthcoming 2021).

Dave Owen, “The Realities of Takings Litigation,” BYU Law Review (forthcoming 2021).

Manoj Viswanathan, “Retheorizing Progressive Taxation,” Tax Law Review (forthcoming 2022).

Manoj Viswanathan, “Implementing a (Modern) Progressive Consumption Tax,” Virginia Tax Review (forthcoming 2021).

Blog Posts, Op-Eds, Magazine Columns, and Amicus Briefs

Jeff Lefstin filed an amicus brief (with Peter Menell), based on his original historical research on 19th century patent law cases, urging the Supreme Court to grant certiorari in American Axle vs. Neapco, which invalidated a patent for a method of manufacturing automobile driveshafts on the grounds that the patent attempted to monopolize a law of nature.

Karen Musalo, “The Wrong Answer to the Right Question: How to Address the Failure of Protection for Gender-Based Claims?Immigration Professors Blog (March 9, 2021).

Dorit Reiss, “Facebook and Google are prolonging the pandemic,” San Francisco Chronicle (March 1, 2021).

Dorit Reiss, “Can Colleges and Universities Require Student Covid-19 Vaccination?,” Harvard Law Review Blog (March 15, 2021) (with I. Glenn Cohen).

Dorit Reiss, “Can your boss require you to get vaccinated?,” CNN Opinion (March 22, 2021).

Dorit Reiss, “Dr. Kenneth P Stoller requests stay of punishment for fake vaccine exemptions–judge says no,” Skeptical Raptor (March 21, 2021).

Dorit Reiss, “COVID-19 vaccine mandate challenge from a corrections officer,” Skeptical Raptor (March 19, 2021).

Dorit Reiss, “When Trump’s team tried to pressure the CDC, they crossed a line,” CNN Opinion (March 30, 2021).

Naomi Roht-Arriaza, “Guest Post: Corruption on the Gualcarque River — Will Its Victims Have their Day in Court?,” Global Anticorruption Blog (March 17, 2021) and Justice in the Americas (English and Spanish) (March 25, 2021).

Naomi Roht-Arriaza, “To Combat Central America’s Bad Governance, Biden Can’t Just Throw Money at the Problem,” Just Security (March 30, 2021).

Joan Williams, “Why moms have it so much harder than dads during COVID time,” LA Times (February 7, 2021).


Binyamin Blum presented “Herbert Dowbiggin and the new vision of Colonial Policing” at the American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies (AISLS) (March 12, 2021).

Binyamin Blum presented “Forensic Empire: How Colonialism Shaped Forensic Science” at the Global History of Forensic Science Workshop (organized by Binyamin Blum and Mitra Sharafi, and co-sponsored by UC Law SF, University of Wisconsin Law School and the American Society for Legal History) (March 19 and March 26).

Scott Dodson presented a paper on the ethics of law journal submissions at the St. Louis University Law School faculty workshop series (March 3, 2021).

Scott Dodson was a senior commentator at the Diversity Jurisdiction Conference at Emory Law School (March 19, 2021).

Scott Dodson presented “Article III and the Political-Question Doctrine” at the American Constitution Society Constitutional Law Forum (March 28, 2021).

Jared Ellias presented “Government Activism in Bankruptcy” at a Symposium hosted by the Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal.

Robin Feldman testified before the Oregon Senate Committee on Healthcare regarding proposed pay-for-delay legislation (March 3, 2021).

Robin Feldman spoke on a panel at NYU Law on “Access to Medicine and Delaying Generic Competition.”

Heather Field presented “Itemization After the TCJA: How State Election Uniformity Laws Undermined Tax Simplification,” at the Florida State Tax Speaker Series (March 16, 2021) and at a University of Florida Tax Colloquium (March 29, 2021).

Chimène Keitner presented “Foreign Official Immunity: A Procedural Compass” (co-authored with Bill Dodge) at the Bay Area Civil Procedure Forum (March 9, 2021).

Chimène Keitner spoke at an American Society of International Law Annual Meeting Panel on “Key Questions in Foreign Relations Law Under the Biden Administration” (March 25, 2021).

Chimène Keitner presented “Prosecuting Foreign States” at the Georgetown International Law Colloquium (March 26, 2021).

Leo Martinez was a panelist on the ABA program on Insurers’ Occasional Duty to Defend Offensively at the ABA Insurance Coverage Litigation Seminar (March 11, 2021).

Emily Murphy presented her paper, “Collective Cognitive Capital,” at the William & Mary Law Review Symposium: Imagining the Future of Law and Neuroscience (February 19, 2021).

Emily Murphy hosted a plenary discussion on “Socioeconomic Status and Neuroscience” at the William & Mary Law Review Symposium: Imagining the Future of Law and Neuroscience (February 19, 2021).

Emily Murphy presented her paper, “Brains Without Money,” at the Drexel Faculty Colloquium (January 2021).

Karen Musalo spoke on a panel at the UC Davis conference, Embedded Discrimination in the Immigration System for Survivors and LGBTQ+ People (March 8, 2021).

Karen Musalo spoke on a panel at the East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, Immigration Policy under the Biden Administration: The Fight for a More Just Immigration System (March 10, 2021).

Karen Musalo presented at the University of North Carolina conference, Immigration: A Global Humanitarian Crisis, delivering an address entitled, “Refugee and Asylum Protection: The Struggle for Gender Equality and against Racism and Xenophobia” (March 19, 2021).

Dave Owen was a discussant for a groundwater reserved rights panel at the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis’s annual meeting.

Jessica Vapnek gave a lecture on her article, “Gender-Silent Legislative Drafting in a Non-Binary World,” to the Multnomah (Oregon) Bar Association.

Joan Williams gave a TEDx Talk on “Why corporate diversity programs fail & what to do instead”  (January 25, 2021).

Grants and Awards

Robin Feldman’s article, Naked Price and Pharmaceutical Trade Secret Overreach published in the Yale J.L. & Tech., was judged one of the best intellectual property articles of 2020 by Thomson Reuters. It will be included in an anthology edition recognizing the pieces chosen.

Jessica Vapnek received $27,150 from USAID (via Millennium Partners) to support the USAID Ethiopia “Feteh” (justice) project in an evaluation of LLM programs throughout Ethiopia. Lois Schwartz will also support the project.

Jessica Vapnek received $27,500 from the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) to support OIE’s preparation of its contribution to a tripartite (World Health Organization, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and OIE) tool to evaluate national legislation on anti-microbial resistance.