Faculty Achievements: September 2020


Scott Dodson, “Personal Jurisdiction in Comparative Context,” American Journal of Comparative Law (2020).


Works Accepted

Chimène Keitner, “Prosecuting Foreign States,” Virginia Journal of International Law (forthcoming 2021)

Chimène Keitner, “Congressional testimony on China, COVID-19, and Foreign Sovereign Immunity,” Harvard National Security Journal Online (forthcoming 2020)


Blog Posts, Op-Eds, Magazine Columns, and Amicus Briefs

Tim Greaney, “A Window into the US Healthcare System,” ABA Human Rights Magazine (September 8, 2020).

Chimène Keitner, “Protecting Election Integrity by Prohibiting Deception and Disenfranchisement,” Center for a New American Security (August 25, 2020).

Chimène Keitner, All the President’s Lawsuits: Fraud, Defamation & the Westfall Act (with Steve Vladeck), Just Security (September 25, 2020).

Dorit Reiss, “Fair Compensation for Rare Vaccine Harms,” the Hastings Center (September 9, 2020) (with Arthur Caplan).

Dorit Reiss, “Free the FDA and the CDC from political pressure,” CNN.com (September 4, 2020).

Dorit Reiss, Why a COVID-19 Vaccine Shouldn’t be Mandatory, Bill of Health blog at Harvard Law’s Petrie Flom Center (September 15, 2020).



Scott Dodson presented “The Zooming of Federal Civil Litigation” at the Covid-19 and the Courts Symposium, sponsored by RAND Institute for Civil Justice and the Berkeley Law Civil Justice Research Initiative.

Jared Ellias presented “Bankruptcy Process for Sale” at the Law & Economics Workshop at Tulane.

Robin Feldman spoke to Sydney Lupkin of NPR on Operation Warp Speed and her research on pharmaceutical IP.

Robin Feldman discussed her work on patient rights to blood and tissue samples that lead to medical innovation, in a documentary on a breakthrough blood test for predicting pre-term labor in pregnancy that has been licensed to the Chan-Zuckerberg Foundation.

Chimène Keitner participated as a moderator and discussant for the American Society of International Law Panel on Cyber Threats and Election Interference (August 19, 2020)

Dorit Reiss presented research on the legal aspects of vaccines to the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, at a workshop on The Critical Public Health Value of Vaccines – Tackling Issues of Access and Hesitancy.


Major Citations

Robin Feldman’s book Drug Wars was extensively cited in the House Oversight Committee’s report on Celgene’s drug Revlimid.