Who Owns the COVID Vaccine? Robin Feldman Featured on CNBC News

“Whenever there is a blockbuster drug, there are disputes about who owns it, who owns variations of it, who owns it for how long, and in what context,” Professor Robin Feldman told CNBC News in their story about COVID vaccines and how patent disputes can complicate distribution.

Feldman, one of the nation’s leading experts in the complex nexus between intellectual property and pharmaceutical law, said that questions about how to encourage pharmaceutical innovation without stymieing distribution of new medicines around the world can be challenging to answer legally. “We are likely to see the battles play out in U.S. courts – and international courts – for a long time to come,” Feldman said.

Professor Feldman is the Arthur J. Goldberg Distinguished Professor of Law, Albert Abramson ’54 Distinguished Professor of Law Chair, and Director of the Center for Innovation, known as C4i, at UC Law SF.