Meet Andrew Hudlow '24 of the UC Law SF Federalist Society

Andrew Hudlow ’24 is treasurer and soon-to-be president of the UC Law San Francisco chapter of the Federalist Society.

A graduate of Santa Clara University, Andrew Hudlow ’24 is the current treasurer and soon-to-be president of the UC Law San Francisco Chapter of the Federalist Society. He shares more about his organization below:

Q: What is the UC Law SF Federalist Society?

A: The Federalist Society is a nonpartisan group focused on advancing the idea that the state exists to preserve freedom and that separation of governmental powers is central to our constitutional government. The Society seeks to promote awareness of these ideas and to further their advancement through its activities.

The most important misconception about the Federalist Society is that this is a group for conservative law students. In reality, the Federalist Society is a student group that is for everyone—conservative, liberal, or independent—who want to challenge their preconceived ideas about how the law or government should work. All our events are enhanced by greater intellectual diversity among attendees.

Q: Why did you join this organization? What do you like about it?

A: I joined the Federalist Society because I wanted to be part of an organization that championed free speech and introduced new ideas to the UC Law SF community. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the Federalist Society because it provides a safe space for students to be themselves, ask questions, and have respectful discussions about law, politics, and public policy.

Members of the UC Law SF Chapter of the Federalist Society posed together at a Fall 2022 fair for student organizations.

Q: What kind of work does your group do?

A: Our chapter host speakers from around the country to discuss cutting-edge legal issues, politics, international relations, and occasionally, career development topics. We also host social and networking events, including happy hours with a focus on building community within the organization off-campus. Our networking events are often held in conjunction within the Lawyers’ Chapters of the Federalist Society, a group of practicing lawyers in the Bay Area.

Q: Talk about your journey to law school.

A: I am originally from the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and moved to California to pursue my undergraduate degree at Santa Clara University, where I studied economics and finance. The economics coursework I took, in particular, was a huge asset for law school because it encouraged me to view the law as a system of incentives—and the people responding to those incentives as individuals—rather than perceiving them as moralistically ‘good’ or ‘bad.’

Q: Why did you choose UC Law San Francisco? 

A: I chose UC Law SF because of the open-minded individuals. Students here are willing to debate ideas that may be opposite their beliefs or outside their comfort zone. As a politically moderate law student, I wanted my own beliefs to be strongly challenged as part of my law school education.

Q: What do you hope to do after graduation?

I hope to work for a firm that specializes in business law, specifically with technology, life science, and financial companies. I would also like to explore administrative law by working with government regulations and administrative agencies. Lastly, I have thoroughly enjoyed my Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure classes here at UC Law SF, so I aspire to do pro bono work in that field as well.

Q: How can other students get involved or learn more?

Those interested in joining The Federalist Society can send an email to There are no financial or time commitments, and members can come to as many or as few events as they want.