Prof. Thalia González Shares Expertise on Student Discipline with PBS NewsHour

UC Law San Francisco Professor Thalia González – an expert on education law, juvenile justice, and restorative justice – spoke to PBS Newshour about a recent push by several states to give teachers power to impose harsher discipline on students who misbehave at school.

González writes and teaches in the areas of restorative justice, race and the law, critical race theory, health justice and public health, education law and policy, human rights, norm theory, juvenile justice, and community legal practice. She is a nationally recognized socio-legal scholar whose applied research and collaborative community partnerships aim to intervene in public systems to challenge the legal, political, social, and economic drivers of racial and gender disparities.

During the 2022-2023 academic year, she taught Criminal Law; Race, Racism and American law; and courses on restorative justice and health justice. She also invited experts to come to UC Law San Francisco campus for a series of talks about restorative justice in the spring of 2023.

As a researcher committed to collaborative partnerships, González focuses on developing new empirical evidence of race and gender disparities grounded in the lived experience of impacted people and communities. She is a co-author of a study on the adultification of Black girls and is developing adultification bias training for judges and judicial staff, particularly for family and juvenile court judges.