Meet 2L Student Sophie Ganion of the Entertainment Law Society

Sophie Ganion is a second-year law student and president of the Entertainment Law Society at UC Law SF.

UC Law San Francisco is home to dozens of student organizations that help law students connect with like-minded peers and network for their future careers. One of these many groups is the Entertainment Law Society.

Meet 2L student and Entertainment Law Society President Sophie Ganion and hear in her own words what she likes about the organization.

Q: What is the Entertainment Law Society?

A: The Entertainment Law Society (ELS) is a new student organization established in 2021. It gives those interested in entertainment law access to academic and professional resources. These include informative Q&A panels with legal professionals spanning a wide array of practice areas, such as film and television production, intellectual property (copyright and trademark), licensing, privacy, and more. The ELS Executive Board works to create and foster relationships with entertainment law societies from other law schools and legal professionals in the field nationwide, providing networking opportunities for current and future ELS members.

Q: Why did you join this organization?

A: Unless you’re in New York or Los Angeles, the field of entertainment law is considered pretty niche, and it’s rare that I have the opportunity to talk to people that even know that this field exists for lawyers. I feel lucky to facilitate discussions about legal issues/trends affecting the entertainment industry alongside peers with my same career goals.

Q: Why does this field interest you?

A: Since I was a little girl, I have always loved everything entertainment! Growing up, my family would spend weekends watching movies together, going to concerts and music festivals, and catching the latest shows that came to town. During undergrad, I was a political science – pre law major, but also had a minor in media arts, where I took classes on screenplay writing, the cinematic process, and film editing. Learning the technicalities of music and film only strengthened my passion for the arts/entertainment and inspired me to pursue a legal career in the industry.

Q: Share more about yourself and your journey to law school.

A: I’m originally from Orange County, California, and went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for undergrad. A highlight of my college experience was writing and producing a short film that was entered into the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival! At UC Law SF, I am president of the Entertainment Law Society, staff editor of the Communications and Entertainment Law Journal, class representative for the Iranian Law Students Association, and a member of the Intellectual Property Law Association and Women’s Law Society. As for non-academic interests, I am a total foodie! I love cooking, baking, and trying new restaurants in the city. During my free time, I love going to concerts, and following basketball.

For more information about the ELS or to join its mailing list, email