Meet Lauren Hong '25 of the Business Law Society at UC Law SF

Lauren Hong ’25 is president of the Business Law Society at UC Law San Francisco.

The Business Law Society (BLS) is one of many organizations that let UC Law SF students explore different career paths, expand their professional networks, and connect with like-minded peers.

BLS President Lauren Hong ’25 shares why she thinks this organization is special.

Q: What is the Business Law Society (BLS)?

A: BLS connects students interested in a wide range of practice areas, including business transactions, entity governance, compliance, and risk management. The goal is to provide students with access to information on the study and practice of business law, including courses, scholarships, and careers. It also lets students network with practicing attorneys and alumni who specialize in different areas of business law. BLS hosts social events for its members, both on and off campus. Additionally, BLS leaders work with firms and other organizations to host informational sessions, such as our recent Kirkland and Ellis and Morgan Lewis Big Law Panels. These sessions allow students to network and learn more about what it means to be a practicing attorney.

Q: Why did you join BLS?

A: During my 1L year, I had no idea where to start. I joined BLS to learn more about the legal industry, to find other students who shared similar interests, and to meet mentors who could help me through my legal journey. I love how passionate the members of this club are. The students I have met in BLS are so excited about their legal interests and supporting the growth of this community.

Q: How is this group advancing your career goals?

A: Through BLS, I have connected with mentors that have supported my growth through law school. Past BLS board members have always been there to answer my questions; I feel extremely lucky to have met them. It has also helped me build upon my leadership and organizational skills, which I know will benefit me in a post-law-school setting.

My involvement with BLS has also taught me the value of soft skills that accompany classroom skills. Qualities like empathy, problem solving, communication, and teamwork all contribute to one’s success in this industry, no matter what practice area you are in. The opportunity to work with the BLS board my first year, as a 1L representative, and this year, as president, has really allowed me to foster those skills and continue to grow as a person.

Q: Share more about yourself.

A: I am originally from Maryland, but I made California my home after attending UC San Diego for my undergraduate degree. With a biochemistry background, I worked in the biotech industry for about two years before attending law school. I believe studying law is a great way to combine my science background with a more people-facing role. The opportunity to build upon my education and transform it into a new career path has been both exciting and extremely rewarding.

Q: What else should people know about BLS?

A: BLS is a great place to meet peers and mentors alike. Because of the large size of our organization, there is always someone to lean on or just reach out to with any questions. We try to have a few social events each semester, providing a space for our members to meet each other and stay connected. BLS mentors are some of the most knowledgeable and kind people I have ever met; they are a great resource for new students. Sign up for our email list to receive reminders of our upcoming events.

For more information, email or follow @BLS_UCLawSF on Instagram.