MSL Business
& Technology

The UC Law SF Master of Studies in Law (MSL) for Business and Technology Professionals is a one-year program designed for individuals who do not seek to practice law, but who instead want to equip themselves with a more sophisticated understanding of legal reasoning and doctrine.

The law is an integral and often complicated part of business and technology. Having a nuanced understanding of the law and legal policy can make the difference between the success or failure of a business. Honing negotiating and reasoning skills through a legal degree can give professionals a competitive edge and expand their impact within their chosen fields.

Professionals in business and technology increasingly deal with the modern regulatory state, work closely with attorneys, participate in legal processes, and interact with legal systems. Yet, most leaders in business and technology have little training in understanding the complexities and nuances of the law and legal processes.

In the UC Law SF MSL program, you will work closely with top law professors and other MSL students who are leaders in their fields. In an academically rigorous and supportive atmosphere, you will engage with other business and technology leaders from around the Bay and across the country as you immerse yourself in a world of academic inquiry that offers real-world benefits.

You will become the go-to person in your company with an understanding of the leverage points in the law. You will be able to evaluate and work with attorneys more easily, having gained a common language and working knowledge of the law. An MSL degree will not only help you further your own career, but will give you the tools to help make your company more competitive. The MSL program is a compelling addition or alternative to an MBA.

Name: Terry
Graduation Year: 2017

“As both an entrepreneur and business professional working in the intersection of digital entertainment and internal business, I wanted to boost my knowledge of international regulations, contracts, and corporate law. The MSL program was able to provide me with opportunities to deep dive into all of those areas and better prepare me to tackle cross-border deals and complex business affairs. I thought the administration and faculty at UC Law SF were both superb for my program. The course materials were relevant with real world applications, and the engagement with the JD students were valuable and plentiful. I would highly recommend the UC Law SF MSL Program.”