The shift to online learning has impacted how we communicate with each other. Much is lost when we are not face to face – we are less connected as humans and misunderstandings can happen easily. Law school is an opportunity to practice bringing differing viewpoints together, instead of diverging.

In partnership with Student Services, Mattie Robertson, Deputy Director, of the Center for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution (CNDR), facilitated a series of workshops during the Spring 2021 semester entitled Healthy Conflict Resolution: A Certificate Training for Student Leaders.

For Student Organization Leaders only, this interactive two-part Certificate tackled the ways we communicate with each other, and how we can more effectively engage in difficult conversations for mutual benefit  – both in and out of the classroom. We discussed discuss tools and practiced techniques such as empathy, asking questions, and and re-framing, to improve interactions and deepen understanding.

Director Robertson hopes work like this will help to promote an inclusive and engaged environment at UC Law SF, while also preparing our students for the future; the skill of navigating conflict collegially and professionally is one that must be developed.