UC Law SF Launches Institute to Study AI, Law & Innovation

New Institute to Focus on the “DNA” of Legal Practices.

Professor Robin Feldman

Professor Robin Feldman is Director of C4i, the Arthur J. Goldberg Distinguished Professor of Law, and the Albert Abramson ’54 Distinguished Professor of Law Chair

UC Law SF is excited to announce the formation of the AI Law & Innovation Institute (AILII, or “Allie”). The Institute will be housed within the Center for Innovation (C4i), and overseen by its Director, Professor Robin Feldman. The Institute’s initial mission statement is as follows:

Law moves at human speed. AI moves at quantum speed. Our mission is to help courts,
lawmakers, and administrative agencies adapt.

We bring together scholars, policymakers, and industry leaders to propose
frameworks for responsibly encouraging and managing the effects of innovation.
Working together, we can forge the best path forward.

New technologies are shaping the future. Government and legal institutions must
evolve or be left behind.

Professor Feldman and UC Law SF more broadly have been advising federal and state government bodies on artificial intelligence for years. Feldman has provided technical advice on the regulation of AI to Congress, worked with the Government Accountability Office and Patent & Trademark Office, and participated in threat casting exercises with the Army Cyber Institute. This past year, Chancellor & Dean David Faigman spoke on artificial intelligence at the UN General Assembly’s Science Summit.

In announcing the new institute, Provost Morris Ratner said, “Professor Feldman has assembled an exciting team of scholars and researchers to study the legal structures surrounding technologies that will shape the future. I look forward to seeing what insights that team will offer in the areas of Law, AI, and other emerging technologies.”


Full Announcement Brochure