MSL Health Law Specialization

The US health system is complex, with an array of organizations such as health care providers, insurance companies, and government regulatory agencies. Health laws and regulations have enormous impacts on the health industry, public health, and the economy. UC Law SF has unmatched course selections in the health area. UC Law SF MSL students can benefit from the extensive course offerings at UCSF under the aegis of the UC Law SF/UCSF Consortium on Law, Science, & Health Policy. 


Health Law faculty with brain scans

Sample Courses

Bioethics, Law, & Healthcare Decisionmaking
Compliance and Risk Management
Disability Law
Elder Law
Food and Drug Law
Health Care Providers, Patients, and the Law
Health Care System Reform: Regulation and Competition
History of Forensic Science
Insurance Law
International and Comparative Health Law
Law and the Human Body
Public Health Regulation: Vaccines
U.S. Healthcare System & the Law
Women’s Health & the Law

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*Please note that not all classes listed here are taught every year.