Campus Identification Cards

All members of UC Law SF must carry their campus ID card at all times and are required to badge in to all campus buildings.

UC Law SF community members are required to have your UC Law SF campus ID with you while on campus, and everyone must badge in at card readers at campus security booths each and every time you enter a campus building. If you do not have your ID card, you will be required to present photo identification. This requirement for badging in each and every time you enter a campus building will enhance security of all buildings, increase safety of all in our community, and eliminate the potential for perceived or actual implicit bias in requests for photo identification.

Card Issuance

You must have a form of government-issued photo identification in order to receive a campus photo ID. The following government issued photo IDs will meet this requirement:

  • Valid passport
  • State issued driver’s license
  • State issued identification card
  • Alternatively, you can obtain verification of identity using a form from the UC Law SF Records Office or Human Resources office.


In addition to the general requirement to carry your campus ID and use it to badge in at all campus buildings, you will also need your UC Law SF photo ID to check out books at the UC Law SF Library. Your card gives you access to the Computer Lab in the Law Library, the bike cage in front of 200 McAllister Street, and other services throughout the campus. You will need your UC Law SF photo ID in the evening and on weekends to enter campus buildings, when access is restricted to non-UC Law SF community members.

Cards must be presented in any of the campus buildings upon request by UC Law SF officials.

Card Use and Access of Campus Facilities

The UC Law SF photo ID is a proximity card, equipped with a device that electronically communicates with access readers by placing the card near a reader. When you hear a “beep,” the reader displays a green light, access is granted, and you may proceed.

Specific to badging in at each building, the access readers are located at the security booths for each building, and you must badge in as you enter and wait for the beep. If you do not badge in or there is not a beep authorizing access, security will ask you for photo identification.

There are also multiple card readers located throughout campus for purposes of accessing those individual spaces based upon access permissions associated with your role at the College. If you need access to a given space, please contact for assessment of eligibility and provisioning.

If you are a monthly parker in the UC Law SF Garage, you will use this card for access through pedestrian and vehicle gates/readers. In order to acquire this access, you must take your campus ID to the parking garage during garage hours for them to provide you this access.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Please report lost or stolen cards to Security officers via email at and make a payment here for a replacement ID. Once payment is made replacement ID, security will be in touch with regards to a replacement ID.