Headshot of Bill Hutton

Bill Hutton

Emeritus Honorable Raymond Sullivan Professor of Law


Had Professor Hutton continued his military career, which he abandoned in 1957 after a tour of duty in Panama, he would have attained retirement in 1975. Instead he lingers on at UC Law SF, teaching tax classes and obscure seminars, comfortable in the knowledge that the Internal Revenue Code will outlast him.

A native of Detroit and a beneficiary of its then-excellent public schools, Hutton pursued a meandering post-military educational path — Dartmouth for skiing and philosophy, Michigan for golf and law, and NYU for the West Village and tax. His extended New York period featured an entirely unremarkable Wall Street apprenticeship, a dozen years in the cocoon of the academy (NYU), and the contagion of the Catskills fly fishing virus, from which he would never recover.

At UC Law SF since 1980, Hutton edits The Back Forty, consorts with environmentalists of the land-trust persuasion, and serves as a director of several habitually under funded nonprofit organizations located in places like Santa Fe. Summer — the principal justification of his teaching career — finds him in one of the last best places, Montana, despite the recent quantification of its formerly “reasonable and prudent” speed limit.


  • Federal Income Taxation
  • Federal Income Taxation of Corporations and Partnerships
  • Business Planning Seminar
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Federal Income Taxation & Real Estate
  • Land Trust Seminar