Works Accepted

  • Chimene Keitner, “Between Law and Diplomacy,” accepted for publication in Georgia Law Review
  • Chimene Keitner’s comments on “Sovereign Immunity Revisited” and “Cyberspace: Beyond National Jurisdiction?” to be published in the Proceedings of the ASIL Annual Meeting.
  • Chimene Keitner’s comments on “International Institutions and the ‘Ideology of Patriotism’” to be published in Georgia Journal of International & Comparative Law

Significant Blogs, Op-Eds, and Online Essays

Other Scholarly Activities and Awards

  • Jaime King was elected to the Board of Directors of the American Society of Law, Medicine and Ethics.
  • Jaime King, in partnership with Robert Berenson, was awarded a grant from the Commonwealth Foundation to study state regulation of healthcare consolidation and pricing.
  • Dave Owen submitted rulemaking comments on behalf of a group of professors on the EPA’s jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act.
  • David Takacs’s article “Are Koalas Fungible?” was a finalist for selection in the annual Land Use and Environment Law Review compendium.


  • Hadar Aviram co-organized and moderated “Extreme Punishment in the Age of Moratorium” at UC Law SF.
  • Hadar Aviram gave a public talk on punishment, budgets, and correctional policy under Trump at Manny’s.
  • John Crawford presented “Making Money Safe” at the UC Law SF 10-10 Workshop on April 24.
  • Scott Dodson participated in a roundtable on “Reforming the Federal Judiciary” at UC Berkeley Law on April 13.
  • Robin Feldman was a guest on the EconTalk podcast released April 8.
  • Robin Feldman was a guest on the Biosimilars podcast on April 15.
  • Robin Feldman gave a talk on pharmaceutical pricing at Stanford Law School on April 27.
  • Robin Feldman testified on April 9 before the California Assembly Judiciary Committee on the pending pay-for-delay bill.
  • Chimene Keitner was a guest on ASIL’s International Law Behind the Headlines podcast discussing the Mueller investigation on April 18.
  • Jaime King presented “Cost Control and Creating Competition” at the 2019 Bipartisan Congressional Health Policy Conference on April 7.
  • Rory Little presented on the Supreme Court’s docket at the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Annual Symposium on April 27.
  • Rick Marcus participated in a roundtable on “Reforming the Federal Judiciary” at UC Berkeley Law on April 13.
  • Leo Martinez presented on “Lessons from the San Francisco Earthquake and Moore’s Law” at the European Law Faculties Association meeting in Turin, Italy.
  • Karen Musalo presented on “The Human Rights of Migrants: Current Tensions & Controversies” at Boston College on Apr. 11.
  • Dave Owen was a panelist on “The Future of Reasonable Use Doctrine” at the California Water Policy Conference in San Diego on Apr. 4.
  • Dorit Reiss delivered the James Edgar Hervey Chairholder Lecture at UC Law SF on April 9.
  • Naomi Roht-Arriaza was a panelist on War Crimes Against Women and #MeToo at Golden Gate University on April 16.
  • Reuel Schiller presented “The Curious Origins of Airline Deregulation” at Stanford Law School’s Law and History Workshop.
  • Jodi Short presented on the private regulation of labor standards in global supply chains at the Strategy and the Business Environment Conference at Stanford Business School.
  • David Takacs presented “Rivers with Rights” at the UC Law SF 10-10 Workshop on April 24.
  • Frank H. Wu spoke at the Howard Law sesquicentennial symposium on April 12.
  • Frank H. Wu was a speaker at the “Know Your Rights” workshop at Berkeley on April 22.

Compiled by Scott Dodson, Associate Dean for Research, Geoffrey C. Hazard Jr. Distinguished Professor of Law.