Judges Book Volume 3The third edition, edited by Associate Dean for Research Scott Dodson, builds on the influential efforts of the first two editions with a new collection of scholarly writings. Articles in this edition include Manoj Viswanathan on the rhetoric of tax loopholes, Aaron Rappaport on the institutional design of criminal punishment, John Leshy on the constitutionality of public lands, Robin Feldman on how artificial intelligence raises issues of both trust and distrust, and Dorit Reiss on litigating “alternative facts” about immunization. Chancellor & Dean David Faigman provided the book’s introduction.

“Any series of articles that challenge us to think about new concepts, or new ways of approaching established areas of the law, is a welcome addition to anyone’s bookshelf,” wrote the Hon. BRAD R. HILL ’83, Presiding Justice, California Fifth District Court of Appeal, in the foreword to the new edition. “For judges, this collection is invaluable. We all need to continually challenge the way we think, as well as the way we view the law and the world. The Judges’ Book does just that.”

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