Research Dean’s November 2019 Roundup of Scholarly Activities


  • Scott Dodson, “Accountability and Transparency in U.S. Courts,” in Accountability and Transparency in Civil Justice: A Comparative Perspective(Daniel Mitidiero ed. 2019)
  • Scott Dodson, “Beyond Bias in Diversity Jurisdiction,” 69 Duke Law Journal267 (2019)
  • Chimène Keitner, “Cybersecurity Provisions and Trade Agreements,” 10 Harvard Business Law Review Online1 (with Harry Clark)
  • Dave Owen, “Consultants, the Environment, and the Law,” 61 Arizona Law Review823 (2019)
  • David I. Levine, “Should the Power of Presidential Pardon be Revised?,” 47 Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly3 (2019) (with Budd N. Shenkin)
  • Naomi Roht-Arriaza, “Grand Corruption and the International Criminal Court in the ‘Venezuela Situation,’” 17 Journal of International Criminal Justice672 (2019) (with Santiago Martinez)
  • Stephen Schwarz & Daniel J. Lathrope, Fundamentals of Business Enterprise Taxation(6th ed. 2019) (with Brant Hellwig)
  • Stephen Schwarz & Daniel J. Lathrope, Fundamentals of Corporate Taxation(10th ed. 2019)

Works Accepted

  • Veena Dubal, “AB5 to Democracy: Economic Security and the Regulation of Gig Work in California,” accepted for translation into Portuguese and publication in Future of Work: The Effects of the Digital Revolution on Society
  • Veena Dubal, “An Uber Ambivalence: Employee Status, Worker Perspectives, and Regulation in the Gig Economy,” accepted for publication in Beyond the Algorithm: Qualitative Insights for Regulating Gig Work(Cambridge University Press)

Awards and Honors

  • David Takacs has been appointed as the Distinguished International Environmental Law Scholar at Vermont Law School for the summer of 2020.

Significant Blog Posts, Op-Eds, Magazine Columns, and Online Essays

  • Rory Little posted a review of Zach Price’s new paper on the UC Law SF Scholarship Blog.
  • Karen Musalo, “Restoring Asylum for Women Fleeing Abuse and Death,” A. Times(Nov. 21, 2019)
  • Frank Wu, “‘Color Blind’ Is Not What It Seems,” DiverseEducation(Nov. 5, 2019)
  • Frank Wu, “Remembering S.I. Hayakawa,” Daily Journal(Nov. 7, 2019)
  • Frank Wu, “Teaching the Facts of Law,” Daily Journal(Nov. 11, 2019)
  • Frank Wu, “Reading and Writing to Change the World,” Daily Journal(Nov. 13, 2019)
  • Frank Wu, “What I Learned from Government Service,” Daily Journal(Nov. 19, 2019)
  • Frank Wu, “How Would You Answer These Questions?,” Daily Journal(Nov. 30, 2019) 


  • Hadar Aviram presented “Progressive Punitivism” at the Criminal Procedure Roundtable at Vanderbilt Law on Nov. 8-9.
  • Hadar Aviram presented “Are We Still Cheap on Crime?,” at the American Society of Criminology’s annual meeting on Nov. 14-16.
  • Luke Boso presented “Rural Resentment and LGBTQ Equality” at the annual ClassCrits conference at Western New England University School of Law in November 2019.
  • Veena Dubal spoke at the factory session at the Stanford Digital Society Conference.
  • Veena Dubal presented “An Uber Ambivalence: Employee Status, Worker Perspectives, and Regulation in the Gig Economy” at the University of Colorado Law School Faculty Colloquium.
  • Veena Dubal presented “Drive to Precarity: Situating AB5 in the History of California’s Taxi and Uber Economies” at UCLA Luskin School of Public Policy’s Sharing Mobility Lecture Series.
  • Robin Feldman was a guest on a podcast produced by Columbia Science & Technology Law Journal on her forthcoming article “The Cancer Curse: Regulatory Failure by Success.”
  • Chimène Keitner spoke on “Catching the Cybercriminal: Reforming Global Law Enforcement” at a ThirdWay conference at NYU on Nov. 18.
  • Chimène Keitner presented on common-law immunity before the American Society of International Law’s Judicial Advisory Board on Nov. 22.
  • Chimène Keitner spoke on “Impeachment—What Now?” at an American Constitution Society panel on Nov. 25.
  • Chimène Keitner’s moderated conversation with Brian Egan and Tamara Cofman Wittes at the 2019 Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens Memorial Lecture at UC Law SF was published as a Lawfare podcast on Nov. 30.
  • Karen Musalo delivered a keynote address titled “Refugee Protection in the Time of Trump” at the University of Minnesota James H. Binger Center for New Americans Annual Immigration Forum on Nov. 1.
  • Naomi Roht-Arriaza gave a public lecture at the Cervantes Institute in New York on “The Multiple Paths of Universal Justice.”
  • David Takacs gave a talk titled “Wilderness Law in the United States” at a conference at the University of Tasmania Law School on Nov. 29.