Research Dean’s December 2019/January 2020 Roundup of Scholarly Activities


Works Accepted

  • Veena Dubal, “Rule Making as Structural Violence: Taxis, Debt, & Death in San Francisco,” Journal of Law & Political Economy (forthcoming)
  • Heather Field, “Tax MACs: A Study of M&A Termination Rights Triggered by Material Adverse Changes in Tax Law,” 73 Tax Lawyer (forthcoming 2020)
  • Dorit Reiss, “Improving Vaccine Policy Making: A Dose of Reality,” Vaccine (forthcoming 2020)
  • Jessica Vapnek, “Agricultural Legislation,” in International Legislative Drafting Handbook (forthcoming 2020)

Awards and Honors

  • Jaime King began her tenure as President of the Board of the American Society of Law, Medicine, and Ethics.

Blog Posts, Op-Eds, News & Magazine Columns, and Online Essays


  • Hadar Aviram presented her paper “Standing Trial for Lily: ‘Criminal Legal Consciousness’ and Legal Mobilization Strategy Among Open Rescuers from Factory Farms” at the Harvard Animal Law & Policy Program workshop on Dec. 3.
  • Hadar Aviram presented her paper “Progressive Punitivism: Notes on the Use of Punitive Social Control for Social Justice Ends” at Yale University’s Information Society Project on Dec. 5.
  • Hadar Aviram presented her paper “The Ethnic Djinn Comes Out of the Tin: Criminal and Military Justice Discrimination Against Mizrachi Israelis” at the Mizrachi Legal Studies conference on Dec. 10-11.
  • Scott Dodson was featured on the Good Law Bad Law podcast discussing his work on Justice Ginsburg on Dec. 6.
  • Veena Dubal presented “An Uber Ambivalence: Employee Status, Worker Perspectives, and Labor Regulation in the Gig Economy” at the AALS in January.
  • Veena Dubal presented “Platform as Satanic Mill” at the Racial Capitalism Conference in January.
  • Veena Dubal presented “AB5 to Democracy” at Open Net Korea at Korea University’s American Law Center on Dec. 16.
  • Veena Dubal was the convening keynote speaker at the AB5 implementation in December.
  • Robin Feldman gave a talk in December to healthcare staff at the Federal Trade Commission on her latest book and her new empirical study on formulary tiering titled “The Devil Is in the Tiers.”
  • Heather Field was the organizer and moderator of the panel “Administering the 2017 Tax Act” at AALS in January.
  • Heather Field was the moderator of the panel “New Voices in Tax Law & Policy” at AALS in January.
  • Chimène Keitner was a guest speaker on “Is War with Iran Likely?” at Manny’s on Jan. 12.
  • Chimène Keitner presented “Prosecuting Foreign States” at an ASIL annual workshop at Lewis & Clark on Dec. 6.
  • Joel Paul spoke on “The Vanishing Wall: Conflict Between Church and State,” at Book Passage bookstore in Corte Madera on Dec. 10.
  • Joel Paul gave a series of talks at Book Passage on “The Constitution and the Imperial Presidency” in January.
  • Joel Paul spoke to the UC Law SF San Diego Alumni Chapter on “The Relevance of John Marshall” in January.
  • Radhika Rao was a plenary speaker on a panel on “The Boundaries of Property” at the 25th General Meeting of the Common Core: Property and Tort in the Spotlight of Private Law, which was held at the University of Trento, Italy, on Dec. 6-7.
  • Jodi Short spoke about the constitutional framework for impeachment at a town hall meeting convened by Mike Thompson and Mark DeSaulnier.