Dean David Faigman

David Faigman

Dear UC Law SF Family,

In times of crisis, the true character of a person or an institution tends to emerge. I have long held deep faith in the strength of UC Law SF’ community. During these past weeks, as I’ve watched our staff, students, and faculty work through the blizzard of challenges posed by the coronavirus threat, I’ve been gratified to note how well-placed that faith has been.

I am tremendously proud of the way every individual in our community has pulled together to solve problems and adapt to fast-changing circumstances—often on the outer edges of their comfort zones. These are affirming indicators of our communal ingenuity, agility, and values.

To date, none of us has tested positive for COVID-19. And we are doing everything in our power to keep it that way. We were among the first law schools in the country to move to a virtual classroom environment and to restrict large events. Many lectures and seminars were conducted online this week and by Monday, all will be. The speed of the transition has been breathtaking—enabled largely by our technology experts who fanned out instantly to train faculty members who went on to train their colleagues.

That success and others give me confidence that our students will be able to continue their coursework and earn full credit for completing the semester. I would not have expected otherwise, but it certainly is heartening to see.

The situation ahead seems likely to become even more difficult to navigate. With K-12 schools closing, assisted living facilities restricting access, and fear of financial insecurity expanding, many families are faced with extraordinary new pressures. As circumstances unfold, let’s all try to remember that our colleagues are grappling with private challenges we can’t know and that each of us responds to stress differently.

UC Law SF is committed to keeping its people healthy and safe, physically and otherwise. Please reach out to members of the administration and to each other if you need resources or are having any difficulties whatsoever.

I will continue to update you on our response to COVID-19 via multiple channels. With your help, we will not just persevere, but will find new ways to thrive.

With gratitude and pride,


Chancellor and Dean