California's 2020 Election: Voter Guides

The 2020 Election is likely to be different from recent elections. Complications arising as a result of the coronavirus pandemic have challenged the way many people vote. To help ease people through these difficult times, the Library has compiled a list of nonpartisan voting guides. Please contact the Reference Desk if you have any questions.

Ballotpedia – California 2020 Ballot Propositions
Ballotpedia provides valuable information ballot measures, including summaries; pros and cons; proposition text; official arguments; and a readability score. Ballotpedia also includes information on elections for the House of Representatives, State Senate, State Assembly, local judges, local ballot measures, and local school boards. You can narrow information relevant to you by entering your address via the ‘Sample Ballot Lookup’ tool.

Cal Matters – November 2020 Election Guide
Cal Matters has produced a visually appealing voting guide that covers proposition summaries; pros and cons; and each measure’s supporters. Coverage also includes a one (1) minute explanation of the proposition. In addition, Cal Matters includes information about the presidential election, State Assembly races, State Senate races, and Congressional races.

California Choices
California Choices provides coverage of current ballot measures and propositions, including the pros and cons, in-depth analysis, polling information, and voter resources. California Choices also includes a comprehensive guide to proposition endorsements from non-profits, unions, newspapers, and political parties.

CapRadio – California 2020 Election Voter Guide
CapRadio provides a streamlined overview of the propositions on the ballot. In addition to laying out the issues, it provides short audio recordings discussing the propositions. CapRadio also allows a ‘Prep Your Ballot’ search feature that allows users to enter their home address and find out which issues are on the ballot in their area.

Institute of Governmental Studies (UC Berkeley) – California Ballot Measures Guide
The Institute of Governmental Studies’ voter guide provides information on California propositions and presidential candidates. In addition to discussing what a proposition’s impact, it provides readers with a list of resources, including other voter guides, and information from governmental organizations.

KQED – Election 2020 California Voter Guide
KQED provides a voter guide focused on the Bay Area. In addition to providing information on California propositions, it provides information on measures in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma Counties.

Legislative Analyst’s Office – Propositions
The Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) provides an analysis of the statewide ballot measures, including proposition background and infographics.

Project for an Informed Electorate & Sacrament Public Library – 2020 General Election Ballot Measure Explainer
The 2020 General Election Ballot Measure Explainer provides insights into state ballot measures from academic and political analysts. Users can view the Explainer as one continuous presentation or view it by proposition.

Secretary of State – Official Voter Information Guide
The Secretary of State’s Official Voter Information Guide includes summary, analysis, pros and cons, and text about propositions and presidential candidates, reference guide, and general voter information.

Voter’s Edge – California General Election
Voter’s Edge Voter’s Edge provides a summary; pros and cons; analysis; and other educational tools for ballot measures. Voter’s Edge also covers candidate races, including races for the State Legislature. What separates Voter’s Edge from other resources is its ability for users to mark and save candidates to ease voting. The guide is also available in Spanish.

UC Law SF – November 2020 Ballot Measures Explained
UC Law SF faculty members have prepared short (3-10 minutes) explanations of each of the November statewide ballot measures.

UC Law SF – California Ballot Propositions and Initiatives
UC Law SF’ California Ballot Propositions and Initiatives repository provides initiative, pamphlet, and proposition resources from the State of California.