Faculty Achievements: November 2020


Dorit Reiss, “Digging the Rabbit Hole, COVID-19 Edition: Anti-Vaccine Themes and the Discourse Around COVID-19,” Microbes and Infection (November 2020) (with Tara C. Smith).

Jessica Vapnek, “Agricultural Legislation” in International Legislative Drafting Handbook, Carolina Academic Press (2020).

Manoj Viswanathan, “The Unintended Consequences of California’s Proposition 15,” State Tax Notes (November 2, 2020).

Joan Williams, “Beyond Implicit Bias: Litigating Race and Gender Employment Discrimination Using Data from the Workplace Experiences Survey,” UC Law SF Journal (November 2020) (with Rachel M. Korn & Sky Mihaylo).


Works Accepted

Richard Boswell, “Learning and Teaching Immigration Law through Experience,” in International Migration Law Clinical Programs (with M. Ballard & S. S. Caplow) (forthcoming 2021).

Dave Owen, “The Law and Ecology of Dam Removals,” Proceedings of the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation (forthcoming 2021).


Blog Posts, Op-Eds, Magazine Columns, and Amicus Briefs

Marsha Cohen, “Job number two for the FDA: Reducing salt,” (November 23, 2020) (with Michael F. Jacobson).

Evan Epstein, “The Governance Zeitgeist in Silicon Valley,” Directors’ Briefing (October 28, 2020).

Robin Feldman, “Insulin Costs in Colorado,” a white paper with empirical and theoretical analyses for the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.

Robin Feldman, “Make list price the touchstone for drug pricing across the supply chain,” (November 23, 2020).

Dorit Reiss, “Is it time for the FDA to be independent?,” STAT (November 3, 2020).

Dorit Reiss, “Connecticut court supports masks in schools – rejects emergency injunction,” Skeptical Raptor (November 3, 2020).

Dorit Reiss, “Governor Newsom’s COVID-19 emergency powers limited by California court,” Skeptical Raptor (November 4, 2020).

Dorit Reiss, “What Does the Good News on the Vaccine Front Mean?,” Bill of Health (November 25, 2020).

Dorit Reiss, “COVID-19 religious gatherings–Supreme Court prevents NY from enforcing limits,” Skeptical Raptor (November 26, 2020).

Dorit Reiss, “Under an EUA, Can Businesses Require Employees and Customers to Get Vaccinated?,” Bill of Health (November 30, 2020).



Scott Dodson presented “Article III, State Courts, and the Political-Question Doctrine” at the Loyola Constitutional Law Conference (November 7, 2020).

Scott Dodson presented on a panel titled “COVID and the Courts” at a NITA Conference (November 13, 2020).

Jared Ellias presented “Independent Directors in Distress” at the Florida-Michigan-Virginia Virtual Law & Economics Series (November 18, 2020).

Chimène Keitner spoke on a panel about “Legal Perspectives on the 2020 Election” at Vanderbilt Law  (November 5, 2020).

Chimène Keitner spoke to a study group for Congressional staffers on Sovereign Immunity, part of the  Brookings/Carnegie Congressional Study Group on Foreign Relations and National Security series (November 20, 2020).

Dave Owen presented “Takings Litigation Outside the Spotlight” at UC Davis’ Faculty Workshop and to an on-line environmental scholarship workshop.

Dave Owen presented “The Law and Ecology of Dam Removals” at the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation conference on water law (November 19, 2020).

Zach Price presented “Towards an Antifactional Jurisprudence,” at the Eleventh Annual Loyola Constitutional Law Colloquium, Loyola University Chicago (November 2020).

Zach Price moderated a Panel Discussion on “Prosecutorial Discretion in Enforcement Agencies” at the American Bar Association, Administrative Law Section Annual Conference (November 19, 2020).

Sheila Purcell presented on “Court ADR Design” for the International Weinstein Fellows (November 17, 2020).

Dorit Reiss spoke on The Politicrat Podcast on “Vaccine Distribution, Education, Race and Public Policy” (November 30, 2020).

Dorit Reiss recorded talks on “Vaccine Mandates for Children” and “The COVID-19 Vaccine and the Role of the State,” for TalksOnLaw (November 2020).

Naomi Roht-Arriaza spoke on “Impunity and liability in the era of economic globalization” at the Conference on Universal Jurisdiction in Spain.

Reuel Schiller spoke on a panel on “Publishing Legal History” at the American Society for Legal History Student Research Colloquium (November 12, 2020).

Reuel Schiller spoke on a panel on “Publishing Legal History Books in the Coronavirus Era” at the American Society for Legal History Annual Meeting (November 13, 2020).

Jodi Short spoke about her article “Coupling Labor Codes of Conduct and Supplier Labor Practices: The Role of Internal Structural Conditions” at the Dare to Care Research Café, an event bringing together scholars doing empirical research on corporate sustainability (November 20, 2020).

Amy Spivey organized and spoke on the “Ethics Panel: Pro Bono, Pro Se, and Professional Responsibility” at the 2020 Annual Meeting of the California Tax Bar and California Tax Policy Conference (November 5, 2020).

Amy Spivey spoke about “Navigating the Virtual Tax Court” to the ABA Tax Section’s Pro Bono & Tax Clinics Committee (November 16, 2020).

David Takacs gave the Keynote talk, “Making Elephants Fungible: Biodiversity Offsetting and the Law,” at the South Africa Conservation Symposium, and also presented “Rivers With Rights.”

David Takacs gave a talk to the California Education Research Association on “How does your Positionality bias your Epistemology?”

Jessica Vapnek presented the results of a study on “Legislative and Regulatory Frameworks for Family Farming” to parliamentarians convened by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (with Peter Boaz) (November 26, 2020).

Kelly Weisberg conducted a “Domestic Violence Speaker Series” of webinars for the San Francisco District Attorneys Office.