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Blog Posts, Op-Eds, Magazine Columns, and Amicus Briefs

Veena Dubal (with Catherine Fisk) filed an amicus brief in Castellanos v. California, on which Superior Court Judge Roesch relied in finding Prop 22 unconstitutional.

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Binyamin Blum presented his paper, “Forensic Empire: How Colonialism Shaped the Forensic Sciences,” at the Asian Legal History Association Conference at the University of Hue, Vietnam (July 25, 2021).

Abe Cable organized a series of Summer Workshops for Bay Area Corporate Law Scholars and presented his paper, “Time Enough for Counting: A Unicorn Retrospective,” to the participants (June 2, 2021).

John Crawford presented his paper, “Regulatory Approaches to Offshore Dollar Markets,” at the Bay Area Corporate Law Scholars Summer Workshop (June 3, 2021).

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Scott Dodson delivered a presentation titled, “Why Do In-State Plaintiffs Invoke Diversity Jurisdiction?” at the Civil Procedure Workshop (August 2021).

Jared Ellias presented his paper, “The Rise of Bankruptcy Directors,” at the Bay Area Corporate Law Scholars Summer Workshop (June 3, 2021).

Robin Feldman gave a presentation regarding her work on pharmaceutical mergers and pipeline divestitures to the FTC Multilateral Pharmaceutical Task Force.

Robin Feldman gave a webinar to Congressional and regulatory agency staff regarding her searchable, online Pharmaceutical Patent Evergreen Database.

Nira Geevargis delivered a talk titled “Supervision and Feedback in the Time of Remoteness,” Global Alliance for Justice Education (June 2021).

Nira Geevargis served on the planning committee and as facilitator in Transforming Externships to Best Serve your Changing Organizations, Bay Area Consortium on Externships (June 2021).

Nira Geevargis presented “Turning Challenges into Opportunities: Justice Education in Time of Crisis,” at the Association for Canadian Clinical Legal Education Conference (June 16-18).

Chimène Keitner served as a commenter on Alex Green’s paper, “A Political Theory of Sovereign Equality,” at the ASIL International Legal Theory Workshop.

Rory Little served as a moderator for the ABA’s “Review and Preview of the Supreme Court’s Term, Criminal Cases” (August 10, 2021).

Rory Little did a podcast for the ABA Criminal Justice Section, “Overview of the Supreme Court’s Term, Criminal Cases.”

Leo Martinez served as commentator for the symposium, Critical Junctures/Critical Perspectives – A Call for New Voices in Tax Reform, at Monash University, Austria (July 2021).

Emily Murphy delivered a talk titled “Brains Without Money,” at the Ohio State University Faculty Workshop (July 29, 2021).

Jodi Short presented her paper “Auditor Independence and Outsourcing: Aligning Incentives to Mitigate Shilling and Shirking,” at the ComplianceNet Virtual Conference (June 28, 2021).

Jodi Short presented her paper, “Companies’ Responses to Social Activism: A Resource Reconfiguration Perspective,” at the LERA 73rd Annual Meeting (June 5, 2021).

Jodi Short delivered a talk titled “ESG Goes to Work” on the Closing Plenary Panel: Compliance Complexity in Multinational Corporations at the ComplianceNet Virtual Conference (June 30, 2021).

Jodi Short served as commenter on a panel on “Labor in Global Supply Chains: Firms and the Economics of Labor Compliance,” at the LERA 73rd Annual Meeting (June 5, 2021).

Jodi Short presented a virtual talk on “The Paranoid Style in Regulatory Policymaking” as part of the Theories of Regulation Series at Hebrew University (June 3, 2021).

David Takacs delivered a talk titled “Rivers with Rights,” at Vermont Law School (July 20).

Grants and Awards

Paul Belonick, director of the Startup Legal Garage, was named an honoree for the Los Angeles Times In-House Counsel Leadership Award.

The Center for Innovation, directed by Robin Feldman, received a $258,000 grant from a foundation to support her work on pharmaceutical pricing and access.

The Center for Innovation received a $90,000 grant from a foundation to support work by Kara Stein on ensuring high-quality environmental, social, and governance data into corporate reporting and labeling of investment products.

Chimène Keitner was appointed to the State Department’s Advisory Committee on International Law (2021).

The California State Bar’s Legal Services Trust Fund Commission continued its designation of the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies, directed by Karen Musalo, as a qualified support center, with a 2022 allocation of $638,422.

David Takacs was this summer’s Distinguished International Environmental Law Visiting Scholar at Vermont Law School. 

Joan Williams was awarded a prestigious residency at the Bellagio Center by the Rockefeller Foundation for her project on “Bias Interrupters: How Organizations Can Overcome Gender, Race, Class Origin, and Age Bias.”