Hastings Welcomes Visiting ADR Professor Gary Spitko

E. Gary SpitkoThe Center for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution (CNDR) welcomes Professor Gary Spitko, a longtime friend of the Center and leading alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scholar.

Gary Spitko is a Visiting Professor of Law at UC Law SF during the Fall 2022 semester. Professor Spitko is the Presidential Professor of Ethics and the Common Good and a Professor of Law at Santa Clara University where he teaches courses in arbitration and mediation, as well as in wills & trusts, employment discrimination, and employment law.

Professor Spitko is a nationally recognized scholar who publishes in the areas of arbitration, donative transfers, and employment law. His arbitration scholarship has focused on employment arbitration, arbitration of disputes relating to donative instruments, the use of minority-culture arbitration as a means to safeguard cultural minorities from the biases of the majoritarian legal system, and the relationship between federal and state arbitration doctrine.

His current work-in-progress, Arbitration Secrecy, explores the relationship between the Federal Arbitration Act and federal and state doctrines hostile to privacy and confidentiality in arbitration and is part of a larger project focusing on the nature of arbitration.

Professor Spitko is an arbitrator on rosters of the American Arbitration Association and the International Center for Conflict Prevention & Resolution. He previously served as the Faculty Director of Santa Clara Law’s Conflict Resolution Program and on the Executive Committee of the AALS Section on Dispute Resolution.