Meet Constitutional Law Quarterly Journal Co-Executive Editor Zahra Parekh

Zahra Parekh ’23 is co-executive editor of the Constitutional Law Quarterly Journal at UC Law San Francisco.

The Constitutional Law Quarterly Journal is one of nine journals at UC Law San Francisco that give law students a chance to hone their research and writing skills while gaining publishing experience and working as a team. Meet Zahra Perekh ’23, co-executive editor of the journal, and hear in her own words what she likes most about the journal.

Q: Talk about your role with the UC Law SF Constitutional Law Quarterly Journal.

A: As co-executive editor of the UC Law SF Constitutional Law Quarterly Journal (CLQ), I work with an incredible team of fellow students to publish four issues annually and organize multiple events and symposia. I feel honored to be part of the country’s oldest law journal devoted exclusively to constitutional issues. Through my work on this journal I have developed a deeper understanding about fascinating legal issues, including the racialization of religious minorities, the history of abortion rights (and the lack thereof) in our country, and a growing trend of denaturalization; I enjoy being part of a team that shines a spotlight on these important constitutional issues.

Q: Why did you join this organization? What do you like about it?

A: I joined this journal for two reasons. First, I love writing and editing, and this journal has allowed me to grow as an editor over the last two years. Second, given the centrality of constitutional law, this journal has allowed me to work on articles covering a wide range of topical issues that touch so many facets of life. CLQ has taught me that law students have the ability to shape and develop academic discourse. I admire CLQ for taking this responsibility seriously when it publishes each issue. Above all, I enjoy the collaborative spirit that is pervasive throughout each editing cycle.

Q: Talk about your journey to law school.

A: I was born and raised in the Bay Area. As a Pakistani-American Muslim, I often felt “other-ed” and realized at a young age that my community and other minority communities are in dire need of more representation in the legal field. Seeing lawyers serve people who are otherwise disempowered had a deep impact on me and inspired me to explore the legal field. I decided to begin this exploration with the legal tradition pertinent to my own background, and I got my B.A. in Islamic Law and Theology. My undergraduate studies complement my studies here at UC Law SF and have given me a deeper insight into the values and experiences that inform me and my community.

Q: How is this journal furthering your career goals?

A: CLQ has exposed me to lawyers I admire through fireside chats and symposia. This journal has also made me a stronger legal writer by sharpening my ability to edit effectively and cite to sources accurately. These professional connections and practical skills will be invaluable long after graduation.

Q: Why should other law students join this journal?

A: CLQ is a great opportunity for anyone looking to sharpen their skills as a legal writer and explore constitutional law with nuance and depth. Keep an eye out for information about the Inter-Journal Writing Competition towards the end of the school year!

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