Expertise: Civil Procedure

Headshot of Hiro Aragaki

Hiro Aragaki

Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
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Headshot of Scott Dodson

Scott Dodson

James Edgar Hervey Chair in Litigation, Geoffrey C. Hazard Jr. Distinguished Professor of Law, and Director of the Center for Litigation and the Courts
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Headshot of Brittany Glidden

Brittany Glidden

Clinical Professor & Faculty Co-Director of Public Interest and the Social Justice Center
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Headshot of David Levine

David Levine

The Honorable Raymond L. Sullivan Professor of Law
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Headshot of Rory Little

Rory Little

Hon. Raymond L. Sullivan Professor of Law
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Headshot of Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus

Distinguished Professor of Law and Horace O. Coil Chair in Litigation
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Headshot of Stefano Moscato

Stefano Moscato

Professor of Practice and Bar Success Analyst and Strategist
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Headshot of Morris Ratner

Morris Ratner

Provost & Academic Dean, Professor of Law
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