Works Accepted

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Significant Blog Posts, Op-Eds, Magazine Columns, and Online Essays


  • Richard Boswell moderated the Clinical Law Review Writer’s Workshop panel on Immigration Litigation and Adjudication at N.Y.U. Law School on Sept. 21.
  • Ben Depoorter was a discussant on “Artificial Stupidity” at the Junior Scholars Law & STEM Conference at Stanford Law School on Sept. 28.
  • Scott Dodson gave a keynote lecture titled “Personal Jurisdiction in a Comparative Context” at the International Conference on Civil Procedure in Rio, Brazil, on Sept. 17.
  • Veena Dubal presented “Misclassification, Dynamex, and AB5: Understanding the Threat of the Third Category” at the California Building Trades Federation.
  • Robin Feldman served as a commentator for the Junior Scholars Law & STEM Conference at Stanford Law School on Sept. 28.
  • Clark Freshman spoke on “Self-Compassion and Truth” in Stockholm on Sept. 30.
  • Emily Murphy presented a draft coauthored paper at the Iowa Law faculty colloquium on Sept. 27.
  • Emily Murphy spoke on human memory to the Ohio Judicial Conference on Sept. 13.
  • Karen Musalo spoke on “Central American Migrations and the U.S. Border” at the Center for Latin American Studies, U.C. Berkeley, on Sept. 4.
  • Karen Musalo spoke on Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Immigration Law,” at the 2019 Human Rights Conference on Sept. 20.
  • Dave Owen was a panelist at “Incentivizing Groundwater Recharge” at Berkeley Law on Sept. 10.
  • Joel Paul spoke on “John Marshall and Consensus Building” at a conference on the Founding Fathers and Public Leadership at University of Wisconsin on Sept. 20.
  • Joel Paul spoke at the Annual Supreme Court Review at UC Law SF on Sept. 25.
  • Dorit Reiss gave a talk on vaccine advocacy to the Pediatrics Interest Group at UCSF on Sept. 9.
  • Dorit Reiss gave a talk in the Law & Biosciences Workshop at Stanford on Sept. 23.
  • Dorit Reiss presented on a vaccine panel at the Public Health School at UC Berkeley on Sept. 26.
  • David Takacs gave a talk on “Making Koalas Fungible: Biodiversity Offsetting and the Law” at University of Melbourne Law School on Sept. 4.
  • Yvonne Troya & Sarah Hooper presented at the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership Summit in Washington, D.C. in September.
  • Frank Wu gave a moderated presentation at Hemmerdinger Auditorium on Sept. 19.

Compiled by Scott Dodson, Associate Dean for Research, Geoffrey C. Hazard Jr. Distinguished Professor of Law.