LL.M. Criminal Law Specialization

The Criminal Law specialization increases LL.M. students’ understanding of criminal liability and how the U.S. justice system operates. Our courses help prepare students for successful careers in the criminal justice field, including as prosecutors, defense attorneys, magistrates, and policy makers. Our Institute for Criminal Justice provides a wide variety of research and educational opportunities for students interested in local, state, national, and international criminal justice issues.


A student speaking in moot court, three individuals are sitting behind her

Sample Courses

Capital Punishment
Criminal Law
Criminal Procedure
Criminal Punishment
Criminalization and Social Control
Domestic Violence
Federal Criminal Law
Forensic Evidence
Juvenile Justice
Law & Behavioral Science
Post-Conviction Remedies
Sociology of the Criminal Justice System
Terrorism & the Law
Theoretical Criminology
Wrongful Conviction

*Please note that not all classes listed here are taught every year.