Reciprocity Policy

The CDO at UC Law SF is located in the heart of a large metropolitan area with a highly competitive legal market. As such it has become a target for many law school graduates from other cities/states. Our reciprocity policy is designed to fulfill our primary responsibility to serve UC Law SF graduates while still offering employment information to job candidates from other law schools.

Please note that reciprocity services vary by school with a “blackout” period typically between July 1st and December 15th (i.e., reciprocity services are not granted due to Fall recruiting season).

To Request Reciprocity:

1. Please carefully review the reciprocity policies of the law schools you’re interested in (policies are generally posted on the law school’s website).

2. Make sure the law schools’ reciprocity policies (a) meets your needs (e.g., remote online access) and (b) provides reciprocity for your class year (e.g., 3L, grad).

3. Email the Career Development Office with a list of your top three* law schools that you would like to receive reciprocity; we will then submit a request on your behalf.

* If for some reason your first choice denies our request, we will then contact your next choice as you may receive reciprocity from only one school at a time.