Recognition and Reconciliation

A Path Forward

In September 2020, UC Law SF completed a three-year project to examine founder Serranus Clinton Hastings’ involvement in mass killings of Native Americans in California’s Eden and Round valleys during the mid-19th century and to determine how best to address the legacy of the Hastings name with meaningful action. The College also began to build a direct relationship with the Round Valley Indian Tribes and the Yuki people (also known as the Witukomno’m People of Eden Valley and Round Valley and Powe’ N’om), the descendants of those most affected by the actions of Serranus Hastings, and with affiliated groups including the InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council (see “The Yuki People and the Legacy of Serranus Hastings“).

In a report delivered to the UC Law SF Board of Directors on September 11, 2020, Chancellor and Dean David Faigman wrote, “The plan I propose responds to past crimes by acknowledging truth, honoring the memory of the victims, uplifting their descendants, and building bridges where none existed before. We have already begun a dialogue with the Yuki people—the tribe most directly targeted by Serranus Hastings and his agents—in an effort to define opportunities for collaboration, growth, understanding, and friendship. The path forward outlined here permits the College to confront its past and pursue a future that is consistent with our mission and ideals of public service.”

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The Hastings Legacy Review Committee (HLRC)

The Hastings Legacy Review Committee (HLRC) was a limited-time committee formed and charged by Chancellor and Dean David Faigman in August 2017 to assess and provide recommendations for responding to the history of the actions of our founder.

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Initiatives for Reconciliation and Partnership

We are continuing to work with the Round Valley Indian Tribes Tribal Council and their Yuki Committee on a variety of initiatives.

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Restorative Justice Advisory Board

In December 2020, Chancellor and Dean David Faigman launched the Restorative Justice Advisory Board (RJAB).

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Indigenous Law Center

UC Law SF established its Indigenous Law Center in September 2020. It is one of 11 interrelated initiatives proposed by Chancellor and Dean David Faigman and approved by the school’s Board of Directors.

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