UC Law SF Restorative Justice Advisory Board

In December 2020, Chancellor and Dean David Faigman launched the Restorative Justice Advisory Board (RJAB).


The RJAB is charged with reviewing the Chancellor and Dean’s report of recommendations (approved by the Board of Directors at their September 2020 meeting) and subsequently examining and confidentially advising him on steps to implement all the initiatives laid out in the report.


UCH-RJAB consists of UC Law SF alumni, faculty, staff, and students, as well as educators and practitioners with expertise in the areas of tribal law. Below are the current members.

  • David Faigman (Chair), Chancellor and Dean, John F. Digardi Distinguished Professor of Law, UC Law SF
  • Jenny Kwon, Assistant Chancellor and Dean/Chief of Staff, UC Law SF
  • David Seward, Chief Financial Officer, UC Law SF
  • Morris Ratner, Provost and Academic Dean, UC Law SF
  • John DiPaolo, General Counsel & Secretary to the Board of Directors, UC Law SF
  • Gail Silverstein, Associate Dean for Experiential Learning and Clinical Professor of Law
  • Jo Carrillo, Professor of Law, Director of the Indigenous Law Center, UC Law SF
  • Reuel Schiller, The Honorable Roger J. Traynor Chair and Professor of Law, UC Law SF
  • Jessica Vapnek, Associate Dean of the MSL Program, Director of the International Development Law Center, Lecturer-in-Law, UC Law SF
  • Virginia Elizondo ‘81, Adjunct Professor of Law, UC Law SF; Deputy City Attorney at Office of the City Attorney, San Francisco
  • Elizabeth McGriff ’96, Assistant Dean of the Legal Education Opportunity Program (LEOP); College Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Advisor, UC Law SF
  • Sonia Chahal (Secretary), Executive Assistant and Events Specialist; Chancellor & Deans Office
  • Vivyana Prado’25, Treasurer of the Indigenous & Native American Law Students Association
  • Ricardo Parada ’25, Restorative Justice Fellow and Member of the Indigenous & Native American Law Students Association
  • Katherine Hanson ’25, Vice President of the Indigenous & Native American Law Students Association
  • Jennifer Nakano ’24, Member of the Indigenous & Native American Law Students Association
  • Mary Noel Pepys ’78, Board of Directors member, UC Law SF; International Rule of Law Attorney, Pepys International
  • Thomas Gede ‘81, Emeritus Board of Director, UC Law SF; Of Counsel, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
  • Jennifer Fung ’18, Board of Trustees member, UC Law SF Foundation
  • Robert Sall ‘78, Shareholder, Sall, Spencer, Callas, and Krueger, ALC
  • Little Fawn Boland ‘05, Owner, Ceiba Legal
  • Curtis Berkey, Partner, Berkey Williams LLP; Counsel for the Round Valley Indian Tribes