Student Health Services

UC Law SF is invested in our students’ health. We know that law school is physically and mentally demanding, so we want to make sure that our students have access to excellent health care and health insurance to stay healthy and well.

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Vanessa Sacks, Health and Wellness Coordinator: or

Carbon Health
Phone: 415.326.7549
Fax: 888.972.1912

Carbon Health

UC Law SF partners with Carbon Health to offer robust and convenient healthcare services to all students, no matter what health insurance they have. Carbon Health’s mission is to bring high-quality, technology-enabled healthcare to everyone, so its hybrid model of virtual care and in-person clinics that are located throughout the Bay Area and California makes access to getting healthcare easy and convenient for students.

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To ensure that students can afford the specialty care they need, UC Law SF requires all enrolled students to have health insurance.  Students are automatically enrolled in and billed for the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP).  However, a student may request a waiver from UC SHIP if they can demonstrate proof of comparable insurance.  

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New Students

We are excited to welcome you to UC Law SF!

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Selected Carbon Health Bay Area Locations

  • San Francisco – Stonestown: 3251 20th Avenue
  • San Francisco – Castro: 1998 Market Street
  • San Francisco – Hills Plaza: 345 Spear Street
  • San Francisco – Sunset: 2131 Irving Street
  • Alameda – Alameda Landing: 2690 Fifth Street
  • Berkeley – 2920 Telegraph Avenue, #Suite 100
  • Oakland – 411 Grand Avenue
  • Oakland – 35th Ave: 1242 35th Avenue
  • San Leandro – San Leandro Plaza: 1353 Washington Avenue
  • Albany – University Village: 1080 Monroe Street
  • Corte Madera – 303 Corte Madera Town Center
  • San Rafael – Montecito Plaza: 411 3rd Street
  • San Mateo – 46 Hillsdale Mall