MSL Immigration Specialization

The Immigration specialization gives MSL students a firm understanding of the federal laws governing immigration, a subject in the news on a daily basis. MSL students study federal legislation, court cases, and the practicalities of immigration-related work in the United States. The knowledge gained will equip you to contribute in the immigration area while your interactions with professors and other like-minded students will strengthen your network. Students can take electives including refugee law, international human rights, federal criminal law, and administrative law, and students can work with our renowned Center for Gender and Refugee Studies.


Professor Karen Musalo and student

Sample Courses

Administrative Law
Citizenship & Equality
Constitutional History: Race
Constitutional Law II
Domestic Violence Law
Immigration Law
International Human Rights
International Law
Race, Racism, & American Law
Refugee Law & Policy

View a course list and sample schedule for full-time or part-time students in the Immigration specialization.

*Please note that not all classes listed here are taught every year.