MSL Social Justice Specialization

MSL students attracted to this specialization come from diverse communities and perspectives, but all share a strong desire for a career that aligns with their values. This shared sense of calling builds a strong, supportive, enduring community at UC Law SF that helps sustain MSL students as they pursue this challenging and rewarding work. As a public institution, UC Law SF has a deep commitment to training those who work in or wish to work in social justice fields. You will have access to a huge array of course offerings in the social justice area, ranging from race and racism to disability law and elder law.


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Sample Courses

Bioethics, Law, and Healthcare Decisionmaking
Children and the Law
Class Actions
Constitutional History: Race
Critical Race Theory
Disability Law
Domestic Violence Law
Elder Law
Environment Justice & the Law
Gender and the Law
International Human Rights
Juvenile Justice
Race, Racism, & American Law
Restorative Justice
Sexuality and the Law

View a course list and sample schedule for full-time or part-time students in the Social Justice specialization.

*Please note that not all classes listed here are taught every year.