MSL Criminal Justice Specialization

The Criminal Justice specialization increases MSL students’ understanding of criminal liability and how the justice system operates. If you are interested in pursuing or moving up in a career that intersects with the criminal justice system – such as police officer, corrections officer, probation officer, investigator, or court administrator – you will benefit from specialized knowledge of criminal justice gained as a UC Law SF MSL student. The Institute for Criminal Justice provides a wide variety of research and educational opportunities for MSL students interested in local, state, and national issues of criminal justice.


A student speaking in moot court, three individuals are sitting behind her

Sample Courses

Capital Punishment
Criminal Law
Criminal Procedure
Criminalization and Social Control
Critical Race Theory
Domestic Violence Law
Federal Criminal Law
Forensic Evidence
Juvenile Justice
Restorative Justice
Theoretical Criminology
Wrongful Convictions

View a course list and sample schedule for full-time or part-time students in the Criminal Justice specialization.

*Please note that not all classes listed here are taught every year.