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Our expert team of advisors is here throughout that process to empower students and alumni on their journey toward professional success and fulfillment.

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12Twenty is our job posting site that includes job listings from employers submitted to us for current students and alumni. UC Law SF students and alumni and legal employers have free access to the site. For questions about 12Twenty, email

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A full menu of career resources, including how to find the right job, when to start looking, resume, cover letter and interviewing tips, how to network, how to apply for judicial clerkships, and career resources for international students are all available from our Career Development Office intranet site or watch career office tip videos and panels on our YouTube Channel.

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Our attorney-counselors have more than 80 years of experience in the legal and counseling arena and are all licensed attorneys with expertise in government, non-profit and the private sector. Schedule an in-person or phone appointment today through Acuity.

  1. You can view appointment slots 10 days in advance, so please check again the next day for more slots.
  2. Appointments are for current UC Law SF students and UC Law SF alumni.
  3. Please have at least two copies of any documents you wish to review with a counselor.
  4. Refer to our online handouts regarding crafting your resume/cover letter or any other related documents before meeting with the counselor.

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