Tax Courses

UC Law SF offers courses in at least 11 different tax subjects each year.

The study of tax law begins with Federal Income Tax (“FIT”).  1L students can take FIT as an elective in the spring semester, and we also offer an upper-division FIT course every semester.

Lecture courses and seminars that enable students to deepen their tax knowledge include:

  • Federal Income Taxation of Corporations & Partnerships;
  • Taxation of Family Wealth Transfers;
  • U.S. International Tax;
  • State and Local Tax;
  • Tax Procedure;
  • Nonprofit Organizations;
  • Business Planning;
  • Estate Planning; and
  • Pensions & Employee Benefits.

Students completing the tax concentration also enroll in the Tax Concentration Seminar, which is a year-long seminar that provides a capstone experience for 3Ls entering the tax profession.

In addition, Financial Basics for Lawyers is offered every year and helps to make a tax career accessible for students who do not have a background in business, accounting, finance, or economics.

UC Law SF also offers a wide array of additional non-tax courses that complement the study of tax.  More information about these electives courses can be found in the “Non-Tax Electives” section of this page.

Students should check the course catalog to confirm which courses will be offered in a given academic year and in which semester.  For more information about the tax  and tax-related courses offered during the current academic year and, more generally, about academic planning for tax concentrators, click here.