Academic Advising: Tax

Academic Advising

In addition to providing students with materials to help them plan their coursework, Tax Center faculty members provide individualized academic advising for students who are (or may be) interested in taking tax classes and pursuing tax careers. When advising, we seek to understand the student’s academic and professional goals, and then we provide guidance to help the student achieve those goals.

Among other things, we can help students:

  • determine whether a tax career and/or the tax concentration are right for them;
  • select tax and non-tax electives that best prepare them for the tax specialty they hope to pursue; and
  • create balanced academic plans that enable them to take tax classes, while also meeting graduation requirements, preparing for the bar exam, and getting practical experience.

Tax-interested students can find general academic planning and advising resources here, and tax-specific academic planning resources here.  Students can set up an academic advising meeting with one of the Tax Center Co-Directors by clicking here.

Headshot of Heather Field

Heather Field

Stephen A. Lind Professor of Law and Co-Director of Center on Tax Law
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Manoj Viswanathan

Joseph W. Cotchett ’64 Professor of Law and Co-Director, UC Law SF Center on Tax Law
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