Legal Externships

About the Course

The Legal Externship Program allows students the opportunity to assume professional roles under the close supervision of practicing attorneys at approved governmental or nonprofit legal services organizations. Students articulate learning objectives that are substantive and skills based and also focus on professionalism. Thus students learn substantive law, lawyering skills, and professional responsibility in context but also learn to observe, analyze and critique their own abilities and the roles lawyers and institutions play in our legal system.

The intent of the Legal Externship Program is to address the gap between UC Law SF in-house and out placement clinical offerings and a student’s desire to obtain supervised direct legal experience in a particular practice area. Field placements will not be duplicative of the placements or experiences already available to students through our extensive clinical offerings. If you have not yet taken a clinical course in a similar practice area, you may be encouraged to do so before an externship for credit will be approved. UC Law SF Students can learn more about Legal Externships on the Clinic’s Intranet Page.

Academic Component: Seminar focuses on developing the ability to learn from critical self-reflection, and draws on the students’ experiences in their placements to advance not only their understanding of basic principles of substantive and procedural law relevant to their placements, but of the role of lawyers and legal institutions in society as well.

Fieldwork Component: Students work a minimum of 12 weeks and an average of 12 – 20 hours per week at an approved governmental or non-profit legal organization. Enrollment is contingent on approval of the student’s request and of the proposed placement. Information regarding prior students’ experiences in particular placements are available in the Externships and Pro Bono Programs Office, 3rd floor of the Tower.