Lawyers for America

Lawyers for AmericaTM offers UC Law SF students an academic year of practical experience (a training year) as part of their legal education, followed by one year of post-graduate employment (a service year) that will greatly enhance their competitiveness in the post-fellowship job market.

Who We Are

Lawyers for America, Inc.TM (LfA) was founded by UC Law SF College of the Law Professors David Faigman and Marsha Cohen in 2011 as a California nonprofit corporation with 501(c)(3) status. LfA’s mission is to improve the practical skills of new lawyers, to expand the availability of legal services for those who cannot afford lawyers, and to increase the ability of government and nonprofit legal offices to render such services. To accomplish these goals, we work with law schools, governmental organizations, and legal nonprofits to create two-year fellowships comprising a training year that is the students’ final year of law school and a service year that is their first as new attorneys.

How We Do It

While most law students start their third year of law school sitting in the classroom, LfA 3L Fellows work at a partner law office essentially full time and attend a classroom component at their law schools. Our Fellows are supervised by faculty and by attorneys at the partner sites. After about nine months of work with one of our partners, and after graduation, Fellows have a three-month break to take the bar exam and enjoy a vacation before returning to their fellowship placement for a full year.

Why Become a Fellow?

Fellows leave law school with almost a year of full-time work experience under their belt and finish their Fellowship with almost two years (approximately 20 months) of work experience at the same workplace.  This extensive experience, the skills it develops, and the availability of recommendations from people truly familiar with their lawyering skills are a great boon to Fellows in their search for post-fellowship employment. In addition, the experience will help Fellows succeed in their post-fellowship jobs.  During their fellowship, Fellows will be serving society by helping to provide legal services to the public through their work at participating nonprofits and government agencies. Fellows will have been able to sample other workplaces as well: both 1L and 2L summers are available for other job or volunteer opportunities.

How Can I Participate?

UC Law SF students should visit Sharknet, here for more information about the program and opportunities for current 2Ls.

Students at other law schools who are interested in participating in the LfA program should contact us for additional information about how their law school can join the program.

Partner law offices are the worksites for LfA Fellows and the backbone of our organization. We are always interested in new nonprofit and government organization partners. Contact us today to participate.

For more information about LfA at UC Law SF, check Sharknet or contact Professor Mai Linh Spencer,, 415-565-4743, the program’s Academic Director.  For information about LfA at other law schools, or for more general information about the program, contact Professor Marsha, 415-565-4676, LfA’s executive director.