Health Law & Policy

The Health Law & Policy Concentration provides students with an opportunity to pursue a focused and integrated course of study on issues at the intersection of health law and policy.


Health care represents 20% of the U.S. economy and is a uniquely regulated industry, generating significant, consistent demand for lawyers. Additionally, widening health inequities, the ongoing debate over healthcare reform, and advancements in medical technology have only increased the need for lawyers capable of tackling the intersecting legal, ethical, and social justice issues implicated in health care. Whether practicing in government, health care systems, law firms, consulting firms, biotech or pharmaceutical companies, non-profits, or academia, lawyers in this field have the potential to profoundly shape health and health care for us all.

The Concentration in Health Law & Policy offers students unique opportunities to explore the field from a variety of stakeholder perspectives, gain essential doctrinal and practical knowledge, and develop skills that are translatable across settings. The Concentration is supported by the UCSF/UC Law SF Consortium on Law, Science & Health Policy, which serves as the hub for student advising, research, events, and service opportunities related to health. Consortium-affiliated faculty are national experts in their respective areas of health law and are committed to supporting students and alumni in becoming future leaders in the field. The Consortium alumni network is also robust, providing ongoing support and mentoring to Concentrators and health-curious students.

As the only program of its kind in California and a top-ranked health law program in the country, health law Concentrators graduate with the knowledge, skills and experience to be uniquely competitive for a range of jobs in the field.

How to Enroll

To enroll in the Concentration, you must complete a Concentrated Studies Application. After obtaining the necessary signature(s), submit the form to the Office of the Registrar. Students must be registered for the Concentration in order to enroll in the Concentration Seminar.

Learn More!

Visit the Consortium pages on Sharknet, sign up for Health Law Homeroom in Canvas, and/or contact the Concentration Advisor, Professor Sarah Hooper, to learn more about the field of health law and policy, careers in this area, and the Concentration.

***Please see the Course Catalog for the most updated information about each concentration’s requirements, including required and qualifying classes. If you have questions, please reach out to the Concentration Advisor.

Advisor: Professor Sarah Hooper


Headshot of Marsha Cohen

Marsha Cohen

The Honorable Raymond L. Sullivan Professor of Law
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Headshot of Sarah Hooper

Sarah Hooper

Professor of Practice and Executive Director of the UCSF/UC Law SF Consortium on Law, Science & Health Policy
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Headshot of Sara Huffman

Sara Huffman

Managing Attorney, Medical-Legal Partnership for Seniors- VA Project
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Headshot of Andrea Lollini

Andrea Lollini

Senior Research Scholar at the UCSF/UC Law SF Consortium on Law, Science, and Health Policy
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Headshot of Emily Murphy

Emily Murphy

Professor of Law and Harry & Lillian Hastings Research Chair
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Headshot of Yvonne Troya

Yvonne Troya

Clinical Professor of Law and Legal Director, Medical-Legal Partnership for Seniors
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Headshot of Lois Weithorn

Lois Weithorn

Professor of Law and Harry & Lillian Hastings Research Chair
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Headshot of Dorit Reiss

Dorit Reiss

Professor of Law and the James Edgar Hervey ’50 Chair of Litigation
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