Community Group Advocacy & Social Change Lawyering Clinic

The Community Group Advocacy and Social Change Lawyering Clinic is designed for students considering a career in social change lawyering and interested in learning how to work as effective partners with activist community groups pressing for social change. The Clinic focuses on the range of skills and persuasive strategies that social change lawyers utilize— including grassroots lobbying, legislative drafting, community organizing/mobilizing, community legal education, media campaigns, and/or organizing public hearings.  Students work in teams and are placed with Bay Area social justice lawyers or community groups to work on a defined project affecting lower-income, working-class, of-color, and other marginalized communities.  Collectively, the projects introduce students to the broad range of approaches to making social change and to working as partners with community activists and groups, rather than simply navigating the legal system on their behalf.

Who Might Be Interested?

  • Students considering a career in social change lawyering or advocacy and interested in learning about non-litigation approaches to making social change.
  • Students interested in working with community groups and activists.
  • Students interested in politics, government, and policy advocacy.

Clinical Instructor

The Clinic is taught by Ascanio Piomelli, advisor to the Social Justice Lawyering Concentration, and an analyst and proponent of what has variously been labeled as a “democratic,” “collaborative,” or “rebellious” approach to social change lawyering.

Comments from Clinic Alumni