Students in the Medical-Legal Partnership for Seniors Clinic (MLPS) provide holistic wrap-around legal representation to clients in a range of matters, including advance planning (powers of attorney), estate planning, housing, advocacy around state and federal income and health benefits, and Probate Court conservatorship. Many clients come to MLPS with multiple, overlapping legal issues.

Students take primary authority over their cases from start to finish. Students usually represent at least 4-6 clients, which includes meeting with their clients multiple times, often in client homes and at their medical clinics. The MLPS client population is very diverse in terms of background and legal issues which makes for a very rich learning experience for MLPS students.

Students gain a range of practical, foundational legal skills in MLPS which are transferable to any type of future client-based legal work, in any field. Students learn transactional legal skills through the drafting of advance and estate planning documents. Students also learn to advocate for their clients with state and federal agencies, landlords, and in Probate Court. In addition, students develop critical skills in interviewing, counseling, problem solving, document drafting, oral presentation, and project management of their complex caseload. Through collaboration with medical providers on their cases, students gain interdisciplinary experience and a deeper understanding of the intersection between law and health. Students also gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of aging and retirement, the implications of an aging population for society, and how students can start planning now to provide for their parents, families, and themselves in the future.

Students receive customized feedback and support throughout the semester in a team-like environment.

Course Instructor

The Clinic was founded and is taught by Professor Yvonne Troya.

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Yvonne Troya

Clinical Professor of Law and Legal Director, Medical-Legal Partnership for Seniors
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