Foundation Board of Trustees

The UC Law SF Foundation generates private funds to support UC Law SF. Faculty development and student financial assistance are top funding priorities, adopted in consultation with the Chancellor & Dean. Foundation grants to UC Law SF support recruiting exceptional students, attracting a distinguished faculty, and creating innovative programs that keep UC Law SF at the forefront of excellence in legal scholarship and training.

Executive Committee

President: Thomas Gede ’81
Vice President: Jennifer W. Fung ’18
Second Vice President: Leo Martinez ’78
Third Vice President: Charanjit Brahma ’99
Secretary: Tracy Jolles Holland ’97
Treasurer: Nicholas Yoka ’16

Headshot of Thomas Gede

Thomas Gede

Foundation President | Of Counsel at Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP
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Headshot of Jennifer W. Fung

Jennifer W. Fung

Vice President | Attorney at KPMG LLP
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Headshot of Leo Martinez ’78

Leo Martinez ’78

Second Vice President | Emeritus Albert Abramson Professor of Law
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Headshot of Charanjit Brahma

Charanjit Brahma

Third Vice President | Partner at Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP
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Headshot of Nicholas W. Yoka

Nicholas W. Yoka

Treasurer | Attorney at Panish Shea & Boyle, LLP
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Committee Chairs

Academic Engagement Committee: Judith Boyette ’81 & Phil Matthews ’77
UCLAS Liaison Committee: Kelly Matayoshi ’12 & Timothy Mills ’86
Finance Committee: Nick Yoka ’16
Fundraising Committee: Charanjit Brahma ’99,
Catherine A. Rivlin ’84 & Nicholas Yoka ’16
Nominating Committee:  Tracy Jolles Holland ’97 & J. George Hetherington ’78
Planned Giving Committee: John Koeppel ’76 & Scott Morris ’76
Stewardship Committee: Joan Cassman ’77 & Theresa Driscoll Moore ’81

Headshot of Judith Boyette

Judith Boyette

Academic Engagement Committee Co-Chair | Senior Partner at Hanson Bridgett LLP
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Headshot of Phil Matthews

Phil Matthews

Academic Engagement Committee Co-Chair & Partner at Duane Morris LLP
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Headshot of Kelly Matayoshi

Kelly Matayoshi

ASUCH Liaison Committee Co-Chair | Partner at Farella Braun + Martel LLP
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Headshot of Timothy Mills

Timothy Mills

ASUCH Liaison Committee Co-Chair | Mills Law Group, LLP
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Headshot of Catherine A. Rivlin

Catherine A. Rivlin

Fundraising, Connecting & Giving Committee Co-Chair | Supervising Deputy Attorney General at Attorney General’s Office
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Headshot of J. George Hetherington

J. George Hetherington

Nominating Committee Co-Chair | Member at Yamamoto Caliboso Hetherington
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Headshot of John Koeppel

John Koeppel

Planned Giving Committee Co-Chair | Of Counsel at Law Offices of John Koeppel
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Headshot of Scott Morris

Scott Morris

Planned Giving Committee Co-Chair | Senior Vice President at Trilogy International Partners
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Headshot of Joan Cassman

Joan Cassman

Stewardship Committee Co-Chair | Partner, Hanson Bridgett
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Headshot of Theresa Driscoll Moore

Theresa Driscoll Moore

Stewardship Committee Co-Chair | Founder at Law Office of Theresa D. Moore
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Headshot of Dipanwita Deb Amar

Dipanwita Deb Amar

Partner at Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP
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Headshot of Debra Bogaards

Debra Bogaards

Adjunct Professor of Law, Founder of Bogaards Law
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Headshot of Alyson Cabrera

Alyson Cabrera

Partner at Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani, LLP
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Headshot of Veronica Callahan

Veronica Callahan

Partner at Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP
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Headshot of Denelle M. Dixon-Thayer

Denelle M. Dixon-Thayer

Chief Executive Officer at Stellar Development Foundation
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Headshot of Paulina do Amaral

Paulina do Amaral

Partner at Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein LLP
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Headshot of Marilyn Klinger

Marilyn Klinger

Managing Partner, Salamirad Morrow Timpane Dunne
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Headshot of John Lien

John Lien

Vice President, Culture & People at Liquid IV
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Headshot of Harvey Lung

Harvey Lung

Managing Partner at Bays, Lung, Rose, Rose & Holma
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Headshot of Jane Pandell

Jane Pandell

President at Pandell Law Firm, Inc.
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Headshot of Basil Plastiras

Basil Plastiras

Partner & CEO at Plastiras & Terrizzi
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Headshot of Rob Sall

Rob Sall

Shareholder, Sall Spencer Callas & Krueger, ALC
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Headshot of Alexa Smith

Alexa Smith

Director of Major Gifts at NAACP Legal Defense Fund
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Non-Voting Members

Headshot of Khaldoun Baghdadi

Khaldoun Baghdadi

Shareholder at Walkup Melodia Kelly & Schoenberger
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Headshot of Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly

Partner at Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger
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Headshot of Carl Robertson

Carl Robertson

Principal at Warland Investments Company
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Headshot of Tim Terry

Tim Terry

General Counsel at Hartz Capital
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