Academic Support Program

The Academic Support Program (ASP) complements the law school curriculum. The Program focuses on the process involved in developing skills that are necessary to succeed in law school. These skills include legal analysis which is the ability to understand (brief), organize (outline) and apply the law (exam writing). Also needed are skills relating to time and stress management.  ASP recognizes that students have different learning styles and backgrounds that affect their learning and performance in law school.

Throughout the Program, diverse teaching methods are used to assist students to reach their academic potential. To help students succeed, ASP offers the following:

ASP Hour Skills Workshops

The workshops address a variety of skills needed to succeed in law school. Teaching methods include active learning exercises and feedback.

Discussion Groups (DGs)

Following up on the skills addressed in the Skills Workshops, upper division students, with proven academic success, are assigned to a course in each first year Inn during the fall. Each Discussion Group Leader (DGL) uses the substantive law taught by the particular professor to address and reinforce the analytical and non-analytical skills necessary to succeed in law school. They will also hold office hours.  The DGLs work closely with the Director and Student Coordinator to develop materials and exercises for optimal learning. These are open to all interested first year students. In the Fall, 1Ls will have DGs for Contracts. Upper division students will have DGs for Criminal Procedure and Evidence. DGs for other courses will be offered in the Spring.

Office Hours

Individual meetings enable students to gain a specific understanding of their academic strengths and weaknesses as well as explore non-analytical concerns that may interfere with learning. The Discussion Group Leaders and the Director of ASP hold office hours, as do the Academic and Professional Success Lecturers.  Director Laurie Zimet has drop-in office hours and additional times are available upon request by emailing her at  To schedule an appointment with APS Lecturer Jennifer Freeland, please contract her at  To schedule an appointment with APS Lecturer Juan Carlos Ibarra, please contact him at

Information about specific times and locations for the ASP Hour, Discussion Groups, and office hours are announced via email and in the Weekly, as well as on posters and classroom whiteboards throughout the school.